3 Steps to Install a Dimmer Switch

3 Steps to Install a Dimmer Switch


    – Step 1: Remove the old switch

    – Step 2: Install the dimmer

    – Step 3: Test the dimmer

A dimmer switch is an electrical device inserted in the place of a traditional switch. It allows you to modulate the intensity of the light.

Before installing a dimmer switch, remember to check that the lighting you are working on is compatible with the dimmer switch, as some bulbs do not allow the use of dimmer switches.


    – The ground wire is usually in the middle of the outlet.

    – The letter N indicates the neutral (blue wire).

    – The letter L indicates the phase (red, brown, or black wire).

Caution: An electrical outlet can conduct electricity even if the appliance connected to it is not working. Use a voltmeter or a voltage tester to ensure no current flows through the outlet.

1. Remove the old switch

    – Turn on the switch of the affected light to turn on the lamp.

    – Turn off the power by operating the main circuit breaker of the house:

        ◦ The light goes out: the power is well cut off.

        ◦ Light remains on: check that you have turned off the correct circuit breaker.

    – Remove the existing switch surround with a flathead screwdriver.

    – Loosen the mounting screws to remove the switch.

    – Slowly pull the switch outward (in the case of a flush mount). If it is a surface-mounted switch, turn it so you can see the electrical wires.

    – Loosen the wire clamp screws. 2.

2. Install the dimmer

Dimmer Switch

    – Connect the 2 wires previously screwed to the switch to the dimmer.

    – Slowly push the drive into the mounting hole.

    – Hold the dimmer firmly against the wall and screw in the 2 mounting screws.

    – Clip on the trim.

3. Test the dimmer

Turn the power back in the installation by acting on the circuit breaker.

Two dimmers are available: the simple dimmer and the programmable dimmer.

For the simple dimmer: slowly turn the dimmer button, and the light intensity should vary.

For the programmable dimmer:

    – Press the “+” button and the intensity increases.

    – Press the “-” button, and the intensity decreases.

    – The desired intensity can be set in this way: it is possible to vary the intensity of the light at any time by pressing the “+” or “-” button.

Switching off is done by pressing the bottom of the large part while switching on is done by pressing the top of the large part.

Equipment to install a dimmer switch

Flat screwdriver 

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