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Selecting the Perfect Condensing Boiler: A Comprehensive Guide for Optimal Home Heating

As winter approaches, the quest for a warm and cozy home becomes a priority for many. A condensing boiler, known for its high efficiency and ability to reduce heating bills, emerges as a hero in this seasonal battle. But how do you choose the right one for your home? This guide will walk you through […]

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Why Install Outdoor Sensor for Your Heaters

 The outdoor heater sensor is an electronic device that constantly adapts the water temperature in the heater to variations in the outdoor temperature.  In this way, to guarantee the set temperature (temperature set by the occupants of the room), whatever the climatic variations, the heat generator is always ready to respond without delay or overconsumption […]

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Comparison of Gas, Wood, and Oil Heaters

Do you need to choose a heating system for your home? This comparison of heaters will guide you in your choice: characteristics, performance, and more… The leading families of heaters The heaters can be classified: – by energy source: wood, gas, oil, electricity; – by technology: condensing, low temperature, or other. Heater: which energy to […]

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A Guide to All Your HVAC Needs

A Guide to All Your HVAC Needs A Guide to Installing and Servicing Furnaces, Air Conditioning Units, and Water Heaters in the Durham Region and Surrounding Areas Hello, homeowners in the Durham region and surrounding areas! Are you in need of guidance on installing and servicing furnaces, air conditioning units, and water heaters? You’ve come […]

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How to Choose Your Heating Source

How to Choose Your Heating Source Heating energies are diverse, some more common than others, and each with its advantages and disadvantages to consider. Let’s study them together to learn how to choose your energy optimally. Wood Wood is renewable energy. It belongs to the category of biomass heating, biomass being all organic matter of […]

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Heating control equipment in France

To optimize your thermal comfort, the installation of a control device is essential. Indeed, it allows you to intelligently regulate the temperature inside your house, apartment, or office. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about heat control in France. The principle of heating control devices The NF EN 12098 standard […]

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Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?

Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?   Summary Update on current technology Underfloor heating: a heat emitter to be combined with a heater in renovation projects Choosing radiators in combination with a heater Heat emitter with a heater: fan heaters   Which heat emitter(s) should you combine with the heater as part of this renovation […]

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What is Heat Pump Commissioning?

What is Heat Pump Commissioning? Contents     – When should you call on a certified professional for your heat pump?     – Commissioning by a professional is a condition of the warranty     – How to commission a heat pump     – What other checks should be carried out? The commissioning of a heat pump […]

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How to Choose a Condensing Boiler

How to Choose a Condensing Boiler Who hasn’t asked themselves this question when replacing their boiler: “Should I install a low-temperature boiler or a condensing boiler? It seems helpful to recall fundamental technical points to answer this question calmly. Even if the manufacturers have tried to give the two types of heaters the same external […]


Can I Cancel My Boiler Maintenance Contract?

In general, to ensure its proper functioning, the boiler requires regular maintenance by a technician. This maintenance is both an obligation and a necessity with multiple benefits. It allows to reduce the numerous domestic accidents related to carbon monoxide poisoning, improve its environmental performance, and reduce energy expenses. To carry out this maintenance, you must […]