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The Role of Electric Current and Socket

The Role of Electric Current and Socket Summary The Role of Electric Current: – Definition of electric current – Current intensity – Voltage of the electric current – Electric power The Role of Electric Socket: – Role of an electrical outlet – Electrical plug and socket – Types of sockets – Number of electrical outlets […]

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How Does Sludge Get In Heating Networks?

Contents     – Composition of sludge in heating networks     – But where does the iron that has been transformed into oxides come from?     – But how do we obtain ferrous and ferric oxides from the iron that makes up certain parts of the heating network?     – The impact of sludge on the […]

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Ground Socket: Your Ideal Solution for an Electrical Installation

Contents – Ground socket: its characteristics – Safety standards for a floor socket – Installation of a floor socket – Floor outlet: prices and points of sale The installation of a floor outlet is an ideal solution for an electrical installation. It allows you to use an electrical power supply in the middle of a […]