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How to Choose a Condensing Boiler

How to Choose a Condensing Boiler Who hasn’t asked themselves this question when replacing their boiler: “Should I install a low-temperature boiler or a condensing boiler? It seems helpful to recall fundamental technical points to answer this question calmly. Even if the manufacturers have tried to give the two types of heaters the same external […]

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The Role of Electric Current and Socket

The Role of Electric Current and Socket Summary The Role of Electric Current: – Definition of electric current – Current intensity – Voltage of the electric current – Electric power The Role of Electric Socket: – Role of an electrical outlet – Electrical plug and socket – Types of sockets – Number of electrical outlets […]

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How Does Sludge Get In Heating Networks?

Contents     – Composition of sludge in heating networks     – But where does the iron that has been transformed into oxides come from?     – But how do we obtain ferrous and ferric oxides from the iron that makes up certain parts of the heating network?     – The impact of sludge on the […]

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Ground Socket: Your Ideal Solution for an Electrical Installation

Contents – Ground socket: its characteristics – Safety standards for a floor socket – Installation of a floor socket – Floor outlet: prices and points of sale The installation of a floor outlet is an ideal solution for an electrical installation. It allows you to use an electrical power supply in the middle of a […]