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4 Things to Know Before Installing Your Heater Thermometer

  Summary Function(s) of a heater thermometer Different types of heater thermometers Installing a heater thermometer Price of a heater thermometer The heater thermometer has several functions depending on its type of installation and is indispensable for heating regulation and domestic hot water production. A missing or damaged thermometer can be expensive in terms of […]

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Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?

Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?   Summary Update on current technology Underfloor heating: a heat emitter to be combined with a heater in renovation projects Choosing radiators in combination with a heater Heat emitter with a heater: fan heaters   Which heat emitter(s) should you combine with the heater as part of this renovation […]

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How To Enjoy An Optimal Indoor Temperature In All Seasons?

It is important to have a suitable temperature in your own home all year round. To enjoy a good coolness or an optimal warmth, invest in an efficient air conditioning system. But be careful not to choose one that doesn’t work for you. To keep the ideal indoor temperature throughout the seasons, follow this guide! […]

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Sweeping Of The Wood Insert: How Does It Work?

What could be better than the crackle and glow of a wood fire in a heating system in the middle of winter? Regular maintenance will make it work more efficiently, whether it’s a fireplace or a wood-burning insert. How is the sweeping of the wood-burning insert carried out? What is a wood-burning insert? Still called “fireplace insert”, […]

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Heating Imbalance: Apartments Too Hot and Too Cold!

Heating Imbalance: Apartments Too Hot and Too Cold! If your building suffers from a heating imbalance, take advantage of the winter to measure the temperatures with your neighbors. Living in a building with poorly distributed heating can make you feel helpless: people on the lower floors open their windows in the middle of winter because […]

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Thermal Comfort: The Summum Of Perfection For A House

Thermal comfort is a feeling of temperature that is unique to each person. According to the statistics, about 78% of Americans carry out thermal comfort improvement works in their house in order to reduce energy bills. Moreover, it is necessary to find the right balance between the temperature of the house and the level of […]

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Top 2 Best Types of Inertia Heaters

There are several heating devices that can be installed in a house, including the radiator. In general, it is considered a device that allows two environments to share their heat. Recently, a new derivative has been invented to further facilitate the use of this prototype: the inertia radiator. Also called a soft heat radiator, the […]

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Comparison of Gas, Wood, and Oil Heaters

Comparison of Gas, Wood, and Oil Heaters Summary – The leading families of heaters – Heater: which energy to choose? – Which technology to choose? Do you need to choose a heating system for your home? This comparison of heaters will guide you in your choice: characteristics, performance, and more… The leading families of heaters […]

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Firewood: Top 4 Trees To Look Into

Wood is a clean, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive energy source. When used for heating, wood brings comforting warmth and a friendly rustic atmosphere to the home. If the possibility of choice is one of the advantages of opting for this type of energy, it is necessary to emphasize that choosing firewood is not done at […]

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Changing Furnace Filters: The Homeowner’s Guide to the How

Homeowners understand how good care may help extend the life of a furnace, but did they know that they can change their furnace filters on their own with less than four hours, a few bucks, and some basic hand tools — no need for specialists! Stage One: Take Out the Old Furnace Filter Before Examining […]