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Heating Imbalance: Apartments Too Hot and Too Cold!

Heating Imbalance: Apartments Too Hot and Too Cold! If your building suffers from a heating imbalance, take advantage of the winter to measure the temperatures with your neighbors. Living in a building with poorly distributed heating can make you feel helpless: people on the lower floors open their windows in the middle of winter because […]

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How to Calculate Your Power Consumption

How to Calculate Your Power Consumption Let’s get straight to the topic: Similar to your gas consumption meter, you can refer to your electricity meter to determine your electricity consumption. This meter displays an index (number) that increases with your consumption. Your supplier estimates your consumption throughout the year: they bill you according to your […]

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How Does Sludge Get In Heating Networks?

Contents     – Composition of sludge in heating networks     – But where does the iron that has been transformed into oxides come from?     – But how do we obtain ferrous and ferric oxides from the iron that makes up certain parts of the heating network?     – The impact of sludge on the […]

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Should I Buy A Dehumidifier?

As the rainy season begins, it is very likely to have excess humidity in most homes. You can notice mold, fungus, mites, or oxidation in certain enclosed parts, especially if there is no proper ventilation. What can trigger the appearance of diseases or allergies in the family? A high humidity level can make your home […]

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6 Steps To Become More Eco-Friendly With Your Air Conditioners

You want to prevent the ozone depletion and reduce your carbon footprint! Yet, despite your aim to become more Eco-friendly, you cannot live without air conditioners in your home. And you are well aware of the amount of electricity and fossil fuel that those AC units burn, hence releasing tones of carbon dioxide and harming […]

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Electric Power: How to Avoid Exceeding the Limit

Definition of electric current Electric current is the movement of electrons through a conductive material: – If this movement always takes place in the same direction, it is called direct current.– The electric current supplied by the electricity suppliers in our homes is alternating: the electrons first move in one direction and then in the […]