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Soft Heat Radiators: For A Better Thermal Comfort

The soft heat radiator is both very practical and very economical. It allows to bring more thermal comfort and can sometimes surpass central heating in terms of performance. This device also has many advantages and is suitable for all homes. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things […]

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Top 5 Things To Know About Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system can be your best friend in the sweltering summers and frigid winters, keeping you and your family comfortable and safe all year long. But what would your HVAC system have to say if it could talk? Of course, your HVAC system can’t speak, but it has ways of letting you know when […]

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Which Gas Heating System to Choose

Which Gas Heating System to Choose  It is not without reason that gas heating is the most widespread in Canadian homes. Not very expensive, easy and clean to use, the gas heating system can also be versatile since the same energy can also be used for domestic hot water or as a backup for solar […]


What Is the Difference Between a Humidifier and a Dehumidifier?

Humans as a species have always been uncomfortable with unfamiliar environments. Even though the modern world is much safer compared to the African savannah where our ancestors used to live, we still feel some kind of stress and vigilance when we are in an unfamiliar environment. However, our house is the very antithesis of “unfamiliar” […]

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How to Choose Your Heating Source

How to Choose Your Heating Source Heating energies are diverse, some more common than others, and each with its advantages and disadvantages to consider. Let’s study them together to learn how to choose your energy optimally. Wood Wood is renewable energy. It belongs to the category of biomass heating, biomass being all organic matter of […]

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Top 7 Reasons Not To Use ACs

Air conditioning or ACs is the most selfish invention in the world: or how to want to be cold when everyone else is dying of heat, even if it means adding a few extra degrees in the air to raise the atmosphere (and heat the climate just right). So many good reasons to hate air […]

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4 Things to Know Before Installing Your Heater Thermometer

  Summary Function(s) of a heater thermometer Different types of heater thermometers Installing a heater thermometer Price of a heater thermometer The heater thermometer has several functions depending on its type of installation and is indispensable for heating regulation and domestic hot water production. A missing or damaged thermometer can be expensive in terms of […]

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Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?

Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?   Summary Update on current technology Underfloor heating: a heat emitter to be combined with a heater in renovation projects Choosing radiators in combination with a heater Heat emitter with a heater: fan heaters   Which heat emitter(s) should you combine with the heater as part of this renovation […]

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Top 5 Advantages Of Having An Air Conditioner In Your Home

Having an air conditioner is a must-have if you live in a hot place. I live in Manhattan, and let me tell you, summers here are like being in the pits of hell. It is so hot here that even the rats are too tired to do anything. So buying an air conditioner was one […]

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What is Heat Pump Commissioning?

What is Heat Pump Commissioning? Contents     – When should you call on a certified professional for your heat pump?     – Commissioning by a professional is a condition of the warranty     – How to commission a heat pump     – What other checks should be carried out? The commissioning of a heat pump […]