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The Perfect Humidity Level For Your Comfort.

We spend a lot of time thinking about appropriately heating and cooling our houses, especially now that summer is approaching. Do you ever consider the humidity levels in your house, though? Humidity is the level of water vapour around us. It does change whenever the weather fluctuates. Humidity levels are one of the most overlooked […]

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Which Heating System Is Right for You (Part 1)

Heating is the primary energy expense of a house. Heating systems are numerous and depend on permanent or occasional needs. There are two principles for heating: individual heating or central heating. Concerning the individual appliance or the boiler, many possibilities are offered to you within particular boilers more and more powerful on the economic and […]

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How to Correctly Adjust the Heating System to Avoid Wasting Money

There are many devices to regulate a boiler automatically. And the differences are significant between the old models and modern electronic boxes that are real computers. Some electronic controls are located on the boiler itself, others in a box placed in the basement and others in the home. Depending on the type of boiler, part […]