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Why Maintain Your Heater

 You must service all gas, oil, or wood-burning heaters annually to ensure your installation’s proper functioning and durability. Thanks to the intervention and advice of your heating engineer, you will heat your home safely without loss of performance.

 This post looks at the different elements that you must check during the maintenance of your heater, and the cost varies according to the type of heater and the level of services requested.

 Heater maintenance

 The maintenance of a heater is essential because it allows the good functioning of the installation: you don’t lose in comfort, and the heater does not overconsume. Cleaning and suitable adjustment of the internal components will thus extend the life of its parts. In this way, you can reduce additional expenses (repairs, replacement…) with fewer malfunctions and costly breakdowns. 

Note: A qualified professional will normally deliver you an official document attesting if all is well with things such as atmospheric pollutants, carbon monoxide, etc.

 Prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning

Invisible and odorless, carbon monoxide is an asphyxiating gas that can become fatal in less than an hour. In case of headaches, nausea, dizziness, you should ventilate the room, stop the heater and wait outside your home for help.

 Good to know: if your heater is not serviced, your insurance does not cover you in case of an incident. The occupant of the house must carry out this maintenance unless the lease stipulates otherwise. 

 Which maintenance for which type of heater?

 Even if they are all combustion heaters, gas, oil, or wood do not work the same way. Each maintenance has some specificities. 

 Maintenance of a gas heater

 For the cost of a gas heater maintenance visit, count on $90 to $150.

 The points checked during the maintenance are the following:

 – cleaning the interior of the heater;

 – Checking the regulation and safety devices;

 – dismantling, cleaning, and adjusting the burner and checking the metal joints and connections

 – Checking the flue gas temperature and carbon monoxide content.

 Maintenance of an oil-fired heater

 For the cost of an oil-fired heater service visit, count on $90 to $120.

 The points checked during the visit are:

 – cleaning of the heating body and more specifically of the fireplace with the aspiration of residues and soot;

 – cleaning and adjusting the burner, checking the gaskets and metal fittings;

 – dismantling and checking the oil nozzle (regular change) and adjusting the flame-holder;

 – cleaning the oil filter;

 – measuring the carbon monoxide content.

 Maintenance of a wood-fired heater


 The cost of a maintenance visit of a wood heater may be around $150.

 The items checked during the maintenance are:

 – cleaning the heating body (firebox and flue tubes) with complete ash removal;

 – Checking the gaskets;

 – Checking and cleaning the exhaust fan and the draft regulator;

 – proper operation of the automatic loading system (if available);

 – correct operation of the safety devices (valve, flame arrestor, etc.);

 – combustion adjustment.

 Good to know: for all these heaters, it is also recommended to check the expansion tank and the correct operation of the pump (circulator).

 Heater maintenance contract and chimney sweeping

 You can establish a maintenance contract for your heater with a specialized company that commits to carry out a control visit every year. They should check and clean the main working parts of the heater, evaluate the carbon monoxide content, replace defective parts (new material at your expense depending on the type of contract), and provide a compliance certificate.

 The price of heater maintenance contracts varies from $300 to $600 per year depending on whether you opt for a basic package contract covering only the regulatory aspect or an “all-inclusive” package that includes options such as 7 days a week breakdown service, chimney sweeping (mandatory every year), an extended warranty on parts, and replacement of used or defective parts.

 The sweeping to be carried out in addition to the maintenance

 The chimney sweeping must be carried out a little before the maintenance of the heater. It is necessary to carry out this operation 2 times a year for oil or wood and once a year for gas if the flue has never been used before to combustion solid or liquid fuel.

Hope this post has answered why to maintain your heater. Remember to share and comment below.