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Temperature Turmoil: Achieving Comfort in Apartments with Aircon / Cooling & Heating Solutions

Living in an apartment often comes with the challenge of temperature imbalances – some rooms are too hot while others remain chilly. This temperature turmoil can make it challenging to create a comfortable living environment. In this guide, we’ll explore effective solutions to achieve a harmonious balance of temperatures in apartments, utilizing air conditioning, cooling, […]

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Comparison of Gas, Wood, and Oil Heaters

Do you need to choose a heating system for your home? This comparison of heaters will guide you in your choice: characteristics, performance, and more… The leading families of heaters The heaters can be classified: – by energy source: wood, gas, oil, electricity; – by technology: condensing, low temperature, or other. Heater: which energy to […]


Enhancing Health and Comfort: The Role of Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Maintaining an optimal indoor humidity level is pivotal for our health and comfort. Both high and low humidity can lead to various health issues, affecting respiratory health, skin condition, and overall well-being. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers play a vital role in regulating indoor moisture levels, contributing significantly to a healthier lifestyle. Understanding the Importance of Balanced […]

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What is Heat Pump Commissioning?

What is Heat Pump Commissioning? Contents     – When should you call on a certified professional for your heat pump?     – Commissioning by a professional is a condition of the warranty     – How to commission a heat pump     – What other checks should be carried out? The commissioning of a heat pump […]

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Heating Imbalance: Apartments Too Hot and Too Cold!

Heating Imbalance: Apartments Too Hot and Too Cold! If your building suffers from a heating imbalance, take advantage of the winter to measure the temperatures with your neighbors. Living in a building with poorly distributed heating can make you feel helpless: people on the lower floors open their windows in the middle of winter because […]

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What Is a Low-Temperature Heater

What Is a Low-Temperature Heater Summary  – How a low-temperature heater works  – How to optimize your low-temperature heater?  – Traditional, low temperature or condensing heater: what are the differences?  – Why choose a low-temperature boiler with very high energy efficiency?  – Available grants for a low-temperature heater The low-temperature heater is a heat generator […]

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A Glimpse At Cryogenics: The Science Of Very Low Temperatures (Part 2)

It took nearly twenty years for the Dutch physicist Kamerlingh Onnes to convert helium, the last of the so-called “permanent” gases, to liquid form in 1908. And now the door has been opened to a bizarre new realm of research known as cryogenics. This strange process will be further discussed below. Cryogenics – The Process […]

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Let’s Talk About Natural and Mechanical Ventilation

In warm air, hot water, steam and panel heating, leakage usually provides adequate ventilation through walls, window casings, doors and cracks. Forced warm air systems are so constructed that ventilation with fresh air can be accurately controlled. When heating depends upon fuel combustion within a room, definitely planned ventilation is absolutely necessary. Ventilation serves to […]

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Which Heating System Is Right for You

Which Heating System Is Right for You Heating is the primary energy expense of a house. Heating systems are numerous and depend on permanent or occasional needs. There are two principles for heating: individual heating and central heating. Concerning the individual appliance or the heater, many possibilities are offered to you within particular heaters more […]

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6 Tips to Help Prevent Mold Growth in HVAC Systems

In most cases, the presence of mold in your window air conditioner indicates that you may be experiencing some malfunction somewhere, either in the device itself or in your home. Mould is likely to show up due to humidity, so any area exposed to extreme moisture is at risk. Be careful and follow these tips […]