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Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?

Which Heat Emitter Do I Need?   Summary Update on current technology Underfloor heating: a heat emitter to be combined with a heater in renovation projects Choosing radiators in combination with a heater Heat emitter with a heater: fan heaters   Which heat emitter(s) should you combine with the heater as part of this renovation […]


Add these HVAC New Year Resolutions to Your 2022 List and Reap the Benefits

In several ways, 2021 was an incredibly unique year. For most people, it played as a sudden shift from working in the office to working at home. And, so HVAC units played a crucial role in keeping these individuals comfortable all year. There’s no denying that while your HVAC system kept your home cool during […]

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Boilers: Out of Fashion or Still in Vogue?

You may think that boilers are now obsolete and that you should think of other more modern heating systems to heat your apartment. Think again; they have also benefited from technological advances and have been modernized along the way. Now updated, there is no shortage of innovations. How the Boiler Works Remember that the boiler […]


When Do You Know It Is Time to Change Your Heater

When Do You Know It Is Time to Change Your Heater?  The most common reasons for changing a heater are the fatal failure of one of its structural or main components and corrosion caused by aging.  Then come frost, which causes the hydraulic circuits to burst, or any other accident that would be impossible or […]

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How to Correctly Adjust the Heating System to Avoid Wasting Money

There are many devices to regulate a boiler automatically. And the differences are significant between the old models and modern electronic boxes that are real computers. Some electronic controls are located on the boiler itself, others in a box placed in the basement and others in the home. Depending on the type of boiler, part […]


The 2 Operating Modes of a Heat Pump

Summary     – Point of bivalence: CAP limit     – Monovalent mode: in priority for water/water heat pumps     – Bivalent mode: preferred in renovation     – Installation of a boiler in addition to a heat pump Does your heat pump have to cover all your heating needs? Some heat pumps alone cover 100% of […]