Heating Tips

How to Save On Heating Costs

How to Save On Heating Costs The primary energy expense of a home is due to heating, which represents about 70% of the consumption of the house. If fuel poverty threatens many households, it is mainly because of the expense to heat their home. Means and tools exist to estimate or measure the energy expenditure […]

Boiler Heater

Why Install Outdoor Sensor for Your Heaters

Why Install Outdoor Sensor for Your Heaters    Contents  – Outdoor heater sensor: control modes  – Outdoor heater sensor: a must in terms of heating regulation  – Outdoor heater sensor: its location is essential  – Price of the outdoor heater sensor  The outdoor heater sensor is an electronic device that constantly adapts the water temperature […]


The Impact of Double and Triple Glazing on Your Utility Bills

One of the best and most well-known ways you can reduce household energy bills is through the installation of double and triple glazed windows. They are made in such a manner that they aim to reduce energy loss as much as possible. This means your house remains warmer even when the weather becomes harsh. What […]