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A Guide to All Your HVAC Needs

A Guide to All Your HVAC Needs A Guide to Installing and Servicing Furnaces, Air Conditioning Units, and Water Heaters in the Durham Region and Surrounding Areas Hello, homeowners in the Durham region and surrounding areas! Are you in need of guidance on installing and servicing furnaces, air conditioning units, and water heaters? You’ve come […]

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4 Things to Know Before Installing Your Heater Thermometer

  Summary Function(s) of a heater thermometer Different types of heater thermometers Installing a heater thermometer Price of a heater thermometer The heater thermometer has several functions depending on its type of installation and is indispensable for heating regulation and domestic hot water production. A missing or damaged thermometer can be expensive in terms of […]

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What Does Installing a Gas Heater Involve

What Does Installing a Gas Heater Involve The installation of a heater is not an operation within reach of everyone. And when it comes to gas heaters, you must pay particular attention to safety standards. What materials and tools will you need? What model of gas heater to install…? Here are the essentials of what […]


Installing a Water Heater: 4 Important Things

Do you want to equip your home with a water heater? The choice depends primarily on the type of energy: electric water heater, gas water heater, solar water heater or thermodynamic water heater.

The thermodynamic water heater on extracted air uses the calories present in the air to heat the water.