Can I Cancel My Boiler Maintenance Contract?

In general, to ensure its proper functioning, the boiler requires regular maintenance by a technician. This maintenance is both an obligation and a necessity with multiple benefits. It allows to reduce the numerous domestic accidents related to carbon monoxide poisoning, improve its environmental performance, and reduce energy expenses. To carry out this maintenance, you must subscribe to a boiler maintenance contract with a heating specialist of your choice. But is this contract cancellable? This article will give you some answers.

What Is a Boiler Maintenance Contract?

This type of contract consists of the heating engineer and his customer stipulating the boiler’s control and maintenance conditions. These are carried out through a regular visit (once or twice a year or as often as possible).

This visit is summarized in 4 operations. The first is cleaning the equipment, the boiler, and the duct. The second is to check the regulation devices and the safety of the installation. The third one includes small interventions on the burner, namely: its dismantling, cleaning and adjustment. The last one is the control of the combustion process and the search for possible anomalies.

At the end of the visit, the heating engineer gives either a visit report (signed by both parties) or a maintenance certificate to his customer. Moreover, if the customer is a tenant, he must give this document to the house owner. This proves that the tenant has respected the necessary steps related to his boiler.

What Are the Different Types of Maintenance Contracts?

There are 3 main types of boiler maintenance contracts. The first one includes only the annual visit of your heating equipment. The second covers the annual visit, planning for future years, travel expenses and boiler repair labor.

The third one offers optional services, such as replacement of spare parts. In the last 2 cases, the rates are more expensive.

Is It Possible To Cancel It?

Most boiler maintenance contracts are signed for one year, with tacit renewal at the end of the contract. In other words, it is automatically renewable for the same period and contains a notice period fixed according to the general sales conditions. At least 1 month before the due date, the heating engineer issues a notice of expiry to his customer in the form of a letter. The latter has 20 days from its receipt to terminate the contract. If no notice is received, the customer is free to cancel.

However, it is possible to terminate the boiler maintenance contract in exceptional cases. The first case is finding another, more competent or cheaper heating engineer. The second case is when your heating engineer has not respected his commitments or the agreed deadline. The third case is when you move to a very distant area. And the last case is that you decide to change your boiler. For this, the customer must notify the heating engineer within 10 days. Then the latter will draw up a rider.

You should know that some heating engineers offer annual contracts without commitment, which can be terminated at any time.

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How Do I Cancel It?

If you subscribe directly to a boiler maintenance contract with a heating engineer, ask for the contract to be canceled by a registered letter acknowledging receipt. Enclose the supporting documents for your cancellation.

Concerning online business subscriptions, you have a right to withdraw. The duration depends on your provider, but it is generally around 15 days after the subscription. Thereafter, the contract is terminated when your provider receives the registered letter.

After your cancellation request, if you have already paid for a period after the cancellation or for a period not covered, you must be reimbursed.