4 Crucial Components in Renovating Your Electrical Installation

4 Crucial Components in Renovating Your Electrical Installation


1. Compliance with standards

2. Stages of its implementation

3. Electrical renovation: the work process

4. Electricity renovation: price, installation, and distributor

There comes a time when the electricity distribution of older homes should eventually be renovated to meet new electrical needs and standards. Here are all the useful indications for this renovation.

1. Compliance with standards

A renovation of the electrical system makes it possible to limit accidents of electrical origin and, therefore, to benefit from a proper electrical installation.

An electrical renovation is governed and approved by the IEC/NEC standard, whose compliance makes it possible to:

– reduce the risks of fire (1/4 of the fire starts are of electrical origin), electrocution, and electrification;

– preserve the appliances and equipment of the fireplace from any short circuit;

– comply with the restrictive clauses of your home insurance.

2. Stages of its implementation

The electrical renovation of a house responds to the need to comply with regulations. It is an upgrade of the installation and includes several steps:

– the search for a professional electrician to establish a diagnosis;

– carrying out a diagnosis to determine the points of the installation to be renovated;

– the cost of the work by obtaining estimates from several professional electricians;

Good to know: the diagnosis is not necessary if the renovation includes the entire installation, as the installation is then brought up to standard in its entirety.

3. Electricity renovation: the progress of the work

Electrical Installation

An electrical renovation is the object of various works meeting the IEC/NEC standard. This standard is to be preferred at the top of the list of construction sites for the safety aspect.

Renovation work includes:

– the distribution of electricity in all the rooms and annexes of the house;

– the execution and completion of the work in compliance with the regulations.

Electrical renovation work includes bringing the installation up to standard. Therefore, renovation makes it possible to:

– install an electricity distribution board, its appliances, and a circuit breaker;

– isolate all the circuits of the installation;

– carry out the wiring according to the electrical diagram and the planned distribution;

– replace outlets, switches, timers, etc.;

– ground the circuits and connect the piping – equipotential bonding.

Good to know: all the materials used, including switchgear, protection, and electrical equipment, must comply with standards.

4. Electrical renovation: price, installation, and distributor

The electrical installation equipment is available and distributed by:

– the electrician as a distributor of electrical equipment and apparatus;

– distributors specialized in electricity;

– DIY superstores and re-sellers of finishing products;

– Internet marketplaces dedicated to DIY and electricity.

The renovation of the installation can also be carried out by a DIY enthusiast, in which case the passage of the certification and control body – is necessary to prevent any breach of the IEC/NEC standard.

The prices of the electrical renovation works are variable and are estimated at about:

– 60 $/m² for the renovation of a 100 m² house;

– 75 $/m² for an apartment of 50/60 m²;

– 100 $/m² for a 20/30 m² two-room apartment.

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