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The Best HVAC Companies in the USA (2023 Guide)

A quick search on Google can help you find some of the best HVAC contractors near you. However, if you are overwhelmed by all the options, here’s a review of an HVAC company in the US that might help you make a decision.


BryantThe story of Bryant heating and cooling systems started more than a hundred years ago. Since 1904, the company was established with the main aim of earning the trust of clients across the country by taking care of their indoor comfort needs. The organization has built on the foundation of two critical elements: quality and reliability. The company is known for working with high-quality and hard-working products that include a wide range of air conditioners to furnaces and everything in between. The use of new, durable and smart technology has always been a driving force behind Bryant Heating and Cooling systems. The development of the 80 % efficiency boiler, for instance, is an example of how the company is quickly and efficiently adapting to the ever-changing market by offering smart and reliable technology to its customers. Backed by the use of professional products and sustainable and smart technology, Bryant’s standards have always been the same: smart, dependable and hard-working comfort.

Today, Bryant is now only recognized as a heating and cooling company but as a brand that will strive to go above and beyond to bring clients the customized home comfort solutions they deserve.

Highlights of the company:

Highlights of the company

  • It is a proven fact that Bryant has always dealt with authorized and licensed dealers across North America. In fact, each year, the company awards a dealer from the Medal of Excellence winners the title of Dealer of the Year.
  • Only at Bryant can you find reliable and professional HVAC products at affordable prices. Click here to have a look at their rebate center!
  • Moreover, as a customer, you will have access to financial consultants who give you the best advice about the how and why you should invest in HVAC products or in Bryant.
  • The company, or rather its products, have also demonstrated an effectiveness against the murine coronavirus.
  • And, if you are looking for a sustainable HVAC brand, Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems is the best option.
Customer Reviews:

“When my 14 year old Bryant 2 stage furnace failed with a blocked secondary heat exchanger I contacted Bryant customer service to report my problem since the heat exchanger had a lifetime warranty. They had me contact a local dealer and was provided a brand new equivalent featured model at no cost other than installation. I am very pleased with both the quiet operation as well has the high efficiency of my 926T 96.5 efficiency furnace. Bryant has earned my respect and made me a lifelong customer.” –From P

“The system works great but the app to control your thermostat is the worst POS ever built. Thier first app sucked but it worked, now they forced an update a year ago and made it 10 times worse” –From G

“I’m going to one up all of you. Bought a new Bryant, the highest seer rating. Manufactured in Oct 2020. Installed July 2021. Expansion valve locked up and locked down the unit. No air conditioning in 98 degree weather. House is 82-84 degrees at night. They don’t have a part for it. They have parts on the production line, but not in the dealer network. Was told we would get it on tuesday, now they are saying thursday. A week with no air on a brand new unit. Went to see the distributor about expediting the part. They said they get it when they get it. Mingeldorf’s.” –From Curtis

“Our family has been using Bryant for all of our heating and air conditioning maintenance and service needs for the past four years. The technicians, especially José Abrundis, are always prompt and professional. Bryant is honest and fair in pricing for labor and parts. In fact, we have been pleasantly surprised at just how much value we receive after our units are serviced by Bryant. I would highly recommend Bryant over any other competitor in the greater San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Bryant has the best technicians with the most knowledge who take the time to explain services rendered and why they are necessary.” –From Elena