Air Conditioners

How to Choose Your Air Conditioner?

The summer season is approaching, and to have optimal comfort, you must get an efficient air conditioner. For that, you will have to choose the right model. Read this article to find out more.

The Single-Split Air Conditioner

This model of air conditioner is very quiet. It has an indicator that informs you about all the conditions of use and changes color according to the selected mode of operation.

A mono-split air conditioner model operates with power between 3.5 kW and 4.5 kW, and has three distinct features:

– heat plus mode: this feature creates a comfortable environment by increasing the airflow and lowering the airflow rate.

– floor warming mode: this feature is designed for winter, as it facilitates achieving a maximum heat level. The airflow is distributed from the bottom of the air conditioner to promote heat distribution throughout the room.
– heat boost mode: this automatic feature is on the mono-split air conditioners. It can reach an excellent level quickly or keep optimal heat inside a house.

The Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

It is a model of air conditioner that provides more comfort throughout the house. It has anti-vibration pads, an insulating strip, and a refrigeration link. These elements reduce noise pollution, which amounts to 20 dB. In addition, the use of this device offers a multitude of advantages, such as

– ease of use: the control of the desired function is done thanks to a specific remote control remotely
– an automatic restart system after a power failure
– a reduction of the humidity level without any change in temperature
– a reduction in energy consumption which is reflected in an A++/A+ energy label;
– Easy to control: a wall-mounted air conditioner can be controlled remotely using a remote control or a WIFI network. In addition, it can be controlled using the voice assistance of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa ;

This air conditioner model works with power between 3.3 kW to 3.5 kW. So, this wall-mounted air conditioner is designed only for a room with a dimension between 35 m² to 40 m² approximately to ensure the holding of a hot or cold temperature according to your needs.

The Multi-Split air conditioner

This model is a reversible air conditioner with a very high energy performance (A++/A+++). Its power for heating is 4.2 kW against 3.5 kW for cooling.

A multi-split air conditioner offers optimal and comfortable air quality (in HADA mode and in 3D blowing mode). In addition, this unit can be controlled with voice assistance and operates with a very low noise level.

In general, this type of air conditioner has a unique design that is reflected through :

– its customizable color according to the desired atmosphere (cool, warm, bright, etc.)

– its wall unit dressed with a fabric and a curved front color

All this reduces the impression of volume and facilitates its integration into the decoration.

So, in case of breakdown or concerns about using an air conditioner, do not hesitate to contact the services of an air conditioning professional.