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The Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner for Cool Air Part 1

Are you aware that you should maintain your air conditioner to benefit from continuous good-quality cool air? Let’s have a look below to learn more about how to properly care for your air conditioner.

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Check the power of your air conditioner

The first step in checking your air conditioner is to make sure that you turn to switch it off at the mains. The reason for this is an attempt to service your air conditioner with power still running through it is dangerous. You risk harming your AC system, your building’s power circuit, people around you, and yourself.

Read the user manual.

To maintain your air conditioner on your own at home, you should read the user’s guide provided by the manufacturer. The manual usually outlines your appliance’s proper use and care. It also gives you the safety measures and economy settings to help you save time and money! If you didn’t get one at purchase or have lost it, you could still download the manual from the company’s website.

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Check and clean the filters of your air conditioner.

One of the best ways to maintain your air conditioner is properly cleaning its filters. Cleaning your filters will ensure a healthy home or work environment. However, how you clean these will depend on the type of AC system that you have. In a ducted system, the filter covers the return air grille in the ceiling. Also, because of the cycle of airflow, the built-up dirt particles on your ducted filter will flow back to your home or office. Eventually, this will affect your health and will increase your power bills. In addition, you just need to hold your filter in front of a bright lamp to see the collected dust on it. Then, you can know whether or not to wash or change your filter! You might be interested to know the steps involved in cleaning your ducted filter, so here they are:

  • Turn off your AC system.

  • Unhinge your return air grille frame and allow it to hang vertically.

  • Gently remove the filter.

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  • Bring your filter outside to vacuum clean it.

  • Use an efficient detergent and warm water to wash the remaining dirt stuck on your filter. Also, you can soak it in water for a cleaner finish. Then, rinse it off in the shower at moderate pressure.

  • You can use diluted vinegar to sanitize your filter further.

  • Please give it a gentle tap to remove excess water and then allow it to dry in a warm area. Just make sure to avoid direct sunlight and pets. 

  • It is crucial to check the overall condition of your filter. For instance, check for wear and tear. If your filter is in bad shape, replace it with a new one!

  • After drying it, apply an antibacterial spray to protect it from bacteria and mold.

  • Place your filter back in the AC system and secure all the hinges correctly.

  • The last step is to turn your AC on to test its system. For any whistling or abnormal sounds, try to adjust your filter again. If the sounds persist, seek to consult an expert.

Similarly to ducted AC systems, wall split systems also need the servicing of their filter to ensure a healthy home or office for you. Split AC filters usually are located right under the front cover of your indoor AC unit. In addition, you can efficiently clean your split system filter the same way as the ducted filter. The only difference is you need to open the front cover of your indoor AC to slide the filters out!

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Check and clear your condensate drain.

The condensate drain of your AC allows the normal refrigeration cycle to take place, pumping heat away from an area that you want to cool. Blockages may happen if dirt, dead insects, or mold accumulates inside the drain line. To check for blockages, have a look at the condensate tray inside your AC unit. If water is being collected on the tray, it means a blockage has happened somewhere in the drain line. Also, water leaking from other parts of the AC unit might point to a blocked drain line. To unclog your drain, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. However, if water leakage persists, contact an AC professional to have a look.

Regularly servicing your air conditioner enhances its performance, improves indoor air quality, reduces the proliferation of airborne viruses and bacteria, and elongates its lifespan. I will develop more interesting steps for maintaining your AC on our next page. Please share your comments below!