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How to Choose Your Air Conditioner?

The summer season is approaching, and to have optimal comfort, you must get an efficient air conditioner. For that, you will have to choose the right model. Read this article to find out more. The Single-Split Air Conditioner This model of air conditioner is very quiet. It has an indicator that informs you about all […]

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Air Conditioners: Types, Installation, Prices

 An air conditioning system is what it is – it can cool a room or a house. Most air conditioners are powered by electricity, but some can be powered by gas. Let’s see clearer below.  How does an air conditioner work?  Based on the circulation and transformation of a refrigerant, the operation of an air […]


Monosplit, Multi-split or Ducted Air Conditioner?

Contents     – Monosplit, multi-split or ducted: definition     – For one piece: mono split     – For several rooms: multi-split or sheathable? Once you have decided to install an air conditioner in your home, you will have to choose the type of air conditioner: mono split, multi-split or ducted. We will help you see […]