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Hot Air Curtain: Operation, Advantages And Selection Criteria

From prehistoric firewood to today’s air conditioner, optimizing the thermal comfort of households is a concern for all generations. Adhering to this comfort is one thing, but managing to keep it is another. Thus, human ingenuity makes use of all possible technical means to master it perfectly and for the professional environment to enjoy it as well.

The warm air curtain is a very effective technique for maintaining the ambient temperature in a room or an entire house. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about hot air curtains.

How does it work?


The concept is simple. As its name indicates, it is a barrier invisible to the naked eye whose main objective is to prevent the exchange of temperature between the interior and exterior environments or from one room to another. To do this, an electric device diffuses hot air very quickly, which forms a ventilated wall. The electric curtain owes its performance to the following main elements:

  • An electrical resistance that ensures the heating of the air
  • A hot water battery that acts as a heat producer and thermal reservoir
  • A heat pump is in charge of diffusing the hot air.

By operating very quickly and continuously, the warm air thus diffused forms a curtain of warm air and eliminates the effect of thermal bridges.

Why and how to choose a hot air curtain?

Various products are available within the framework of a tertiary heating system, from the air heater to the radiant cassette, including the destratifier. But what about the warm air curtain? What is its use? Where to place it? Why adopt it? And above all, how to choose a warm air curtain adapted to your building and your activity? Our experts in industrial and tertiary heating decipher the subject for you.

An energy saving

This thermal insulation system has the privilege of being very economical. Indeed, since the warm air curtain eliminates thermal bridges, temperature exchanges are no longer possible. As a result, the room temperature of the room in question is not affected by the temperature of the room next door or by external weather conditions. As the room temperature is stabilized, the device does not consume energy. Therefore, when it comes to heating, optimal energy consumption management necessarily involves installing a warm air curtain.

Thermal stability on a large scale

One of the particularities of the warm air curtain is its ability to stabilize the ambient temperature of a room, whether it is narrow or large. This is because the unit produces thermal ventilation that helps maintain the internal temperature. The operation of this system is independent of the surface of the room in question. The only condition is that every door, window, and opening is equipped with a warm air curtain.

Modern style

In the professional environment, simplicity is a significant decorative ally of interior design. Since it preserves the temperature of each room, the warm air curtain eliminates the essence of doors and windows. This perfectly matches the current trend in office design and decoration. Indeed, the modern style proposes airy, clear offices without partitions because they convey a message of accessibility and transparent treatment of files.

How to choose it?


Built-in or not, the choice of a hot air curtain must meet some qualitative criteria. Here is a list of elements to take into account when purchasing:

  • The brand: in general, European brands are the best. Be careful not to focus on the brand but rather on the technical details.
  • The power should not be below 5 kilowatts.
  • It is also important to check the sound comfort of the device.
  • The field of diffusion must correspond to the dimensions of the door or the window in question so that the thermal bridges are eliminated.

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