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4 Things to Know Before Installing Your Heater Thermometer

  Summary Function(s) of a heater thermometer Different types of heater thermometers Installing a heater thermometer Price of a heater thermometer The heater thermometer has several functions depending on its type of installation and is indispensable for heating regulation and domestic hot water production. A missing or damaged thermometer can be expensive in terms of […]


4 Reasons Why a Smart Thermostat for Your Home Is Worth It

A drop in temperature means that winter is coming, meaning that the heater will also stay longer. The amount of energy used by the boiler is enormous, plus the price of gas and electricity adds on to it. It has never been more important than today to have total control over the temperature of the […]


Why Should I Switch to Smart Thermostats

We all know the feeling of early spring or fall when we have to manually raise the temperature because it’s a little chilly in the morning, just to turn it back down again in the afternoon – but it suddenly becomes too hot. With the summer heat peaking right now, everyone is looking for creative […]

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The Staggering Therapeutic Perks of Heated Floors

Imagine getting out of bed and putting yourself on a warm, heated floor? Just think that with a heated floor in your home, you won’t have to wear slippers just to walk on those cold ceramic floors. Underfloor heating is the most efficient heating system, appreciated for its many therapeutic benefits. Read on to learn […]