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Pellet Insert: Operation, Solutions And Prices

The pellet insert is a heater that fits directly into the hearth of your existing fireplace. It only works with pellets made from compacted sawdust and wood shavings. Its performance and ease of use make it attractive. This article tells you everything: how it works, its price, and the solutions it offers. So, without further […]

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Chimney Fires: 8 Steps To Take To Avoid Them

Many American households use the fireplace to warm up in winter. Both economical and aesthetic, this type of heating offers a moment of conviviality and relaxation during an evening with family or friends. However, improper use can lead to problems such as fire or poisoning. According to a study conducted by specialists, nearly one-third of […]

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Sweeping Of The Wood Insert: How Does It Work?

What could be better than the crackle and glow of a wood fire in a heating system in the middle of winter? Regular maintenance will make it work more efficiently, whether it’s a fireplace or a wood-burning insert. How is the sweeping of the¬†wood-burning¬†insert carried out? What is a wood-burning insert? Still called “fireplace insert”, […]

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Firewood: Top 4 Trees To Look Into

Wood is a clean, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive energy source. When used for heating, wood brings comforting warmth and a friendly rustic atmosphere to the home. If the possibility of choice is one of the advantages of opting for this type of energy, it is necessary to emphasize that choosing firewood is not done at […]