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Sweeping Of The Wood Insert: How Does It Work?

What could be better than the crackle and glow of a wood fire in a heating system in the middle of winter? Regular maintenance will make it work more efficiently, whether it’s a fireplace or a wood-burning insert. How is the sweeping of the wood-burning insert carried out?

What is a wood-burning insert?


Still called “fireplace insert”, the wood insert is a piece of heating equipment. It allows you to heat a room with a closed fireplace. Unlike the traditional fireplace, the wood-burning insert considerably reduces the risk of accidents and burns. Indeed, you must open the door of the insert before accessing the burning logs.

On the other hand, this device allows you to increase the efficiency of your fireplace and save money. In addition, the insert will enable you to heat the entire room evenly. To install or sweep your wood-burning insert, it is best to contact a professional.

Why sweep the wood-burning insert?

When wood burns in the fireplace insert, a chemical reaction occurs. During this chemical reaction, soot is deposited in the flues. This is a black deposit created by the combustion of wood, gas, or oil. After accumulation, this deposit can disturb the performance of your heating system. After cleaning, the efficiency of your stove or insert will be improved. You will be able to save fuel. It also improves your safety by reducing the risks of intoxication.

Finally, the chimney sweep allows you to fulfill a legal maintenance obligation. Indeed, thanks to an ordinance of May 5, 1974, chimney sweeping has become an obligation. It is now the responsibility of every chimney owner to clean the chimney at least twice a year. The chimney sweep will be able to evaluate the level of gas emission.

How to sweep the wood-burning insert?

To sweep your wood-burning fireplace, start by protecting your floor. Make sure you cover the floor in a large enough area, so you don’t get everything dirty. Next, you need to:

  • Clean the ashes from the appliance
  • Sweep the flue of the insert. Take it from the top or through the fireplace opening.
  • Scrub the walls forcefully to remove soot and residue that has accumulated. It is recommended to use a wire brush for this purpose.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the glass of your fireplace.

How often should I clean my fireplace?


The sweeping is registered in the departmental sanitary regulation of the commune of the concerned housing. The frequency of sweeping varies depending on the region and the type of heating equipment used. You can therefore get information from the town hall. This will provide you with information on your obligations regarding the maintenance of your heating system.

The chimney sweep should be carried out at least twice a year as a general rule. We recommend that the first sweeping be done at the beginning of winter. This is usually the time when the heating system is in frequent use. The second sweep should be done at the end of winter. At this time of the year, the system is not heavily used.

However, if you think you have used the insert or stove intensively during the winter, you should do a third sweep. This is a safety measure. This final sweep will also improve the efficiency of your heating system. No matter when you choose to do your sweep, don’t wait until fall. At this time of year, chimney sweeps are in high demand due to the return of cold weather. You may not be able to sweep your heating system.

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