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Mastering Comfort: Unraveling the Formula – Calculate Your Power Consumption for Optimal Air Conditioning and Heating Efficiency

Let’s get straight to the topic: Similar to your gas consumption meter, you can refer to your electricity meter to determine your electricity consumption. This meter displays an index (number) that increases with your consumption. Your supplier estimates your consumption throughout the year: they bill you according to your estimated electricity consumption, but a meter reading is taken to adjust your bill one or more times a year.

When you cancel your electricity subscription, your supplier will adjust by referring to your meter index.

Good to know

Electricity suppliers must make their metering data available to consumers and alert systems related to their consumption levels. Besides, electricity consumers who have a remote metering system can access their consumption data and the cost of their consumption free of charge in a secure area on a website. 

Electricity consumption: meter reading

The meter allows you to know your electricity consumption in real-time. You can consult your meter yourself, but you should know that your electrical network manager also reads it.

What does your meter read?

Regardless of the electricity supplier you choose, your meter is always read by the electricity distribution network manager you depend on.

Depending on your municipality, the electricity distribution network manager may be:

   – a private network;

   – a local distribution network manager.

You can, therefore, contact your town hall to find out who manages the electricity distribution network.

Good to know: your electricity supplier sends your bill.

The price index for invoicing

At least once a year, the electricity grid operator reads your meter index. This index corresponds to your consumption and allows you to establish a bill based on your actual consumption.

Depending on your consumption and estimates, the bill based on the actual index may show a balance in your favor or favor of your electricity supplier.

Calculate your electricity consumption

How to Calculate Your Power Consumption


Your electricity consumption is expressed in kWh. Your consumption is indicated for the beginning and end of the billing period on your bill. How to calculate your consumption:  

subtract the consumption at the beginning of the period from the consumption at the end of the period.

For example:

   – index at 01/01/2020: 8 000 kWh;

   – index at 31/01/2020: 10,000 kWh;

   – electricity consumption: 2,000 kWh.

How to reduce your electricity consumption?

Heating represents the most crucial part of electricity consumption. You can therefore try to reduce your heating expenses to a minimum. However, you can also take the proper steps to reduce other areas of electricity consumption.

Reducing your heating consumption

Heating costs account for about 65% of electricity costs. To reduce the consumption of your heating, you can, therefore:

   – prevent heat from escaping from your home by optimizing its thermal insulation;

   – opt for a regulated heating system;

   – monitor temperature in the various living areas with a recommended temperature of 19 °C in the living rooms and 16 °C in the bedrooms.

You can also opt for a heating system using a renewable energy source.

The proper steps to reduce your electricity consumption

   – Take good care of your domestic appliances, such as your refrigerator.- Buy electrical appliances with an energy class A, A+, A++, or A+++.

   – Use the energy-saving modes of your electrical appliances, such as a washing machine or dishwasher.

   – Make sure to turn off your electrical appliances entirely rather than leaving them on standby.

   – Remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room.

Hope the above helps you calculate your power consumption. Please, remember to leave your comments below.