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The Best HVAC Companies in the USA (2023 Guide) –Part 2

A fast Google search can help you identify some of the top HVAC contractors in your area. If you are confused by all the alternatives, here is a review of an HVAC firm in the United States that may help you make a selection.


GoodmanEver heard of Daikin Industries?

If not, let me introduce you to one of the best Japanese multinational HVAC companies. Based in Osaka, this Japanese air conditioning company has operations in Australia, China, India, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East as well as the United States. Unbeknownst to many, this was the very company that created the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioners. The company has also largely contributed to the innovation of the split system air conditioner. And, did you know that the company has co-developed the R-410A refrigerant with Carrier?

But, the question is: What do Daikin industries have to do with Goodman?

In 2012, Daikin had a new member and it’s none other than Goodman!

Initially, Goodman was founded in 1954 by Harold V. Goodman, who wanted to become an aspiring air conditioning contractor in the rapidly growing Houston, Texas. The man’s dream and goal were to become one of the most successful HVAC companies in the United States and well, his dream came true.

After being purchased by Daikin Industries, Goodman is now known as a leader in residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Backed by fully trained and licensed professionals and decades of industry expertise, the company has a strong foundation known for providing innovative and environmentally-sound solutions for human comfort.

Highlights of the company:

  • The company’s vision –originally believed to be Harold’s vision – is to provide long-term and reliable HVAC solutions.
  • Their philosophy revolves around the motto “High quality at low cost equals value.”
  • Committed to excellence, the company provides high-quality products at affordable prices and is known for its incredible customer-friendly service.
  • As a leading HVAC manufacturer, the company is also dedicated to protecting the environment and has thus implemented policies and manufacturing processes that are more environmentally sustainable.

Customer Reviews:

“Sharp looking air handler and condenser! Units came well packaged and brought right to my door. Unit sound great and run even better, am very happy with my order. Thanks again goodman, you are the greatest.” –From Donald. D

“Having trouble with my furnace, repairman was out twice and did not resolve the problem. I called customer service and they would not transfer me to a technician to help diagnose the problem. They are no help, after googling the problem and reading the manual. I found information about the problem and where you could order parts. Sometimes it’s best to do your research and fix it yourself if you feel you can do it safely. All I wanted to do was to explain my problem to a technician so that information could be pass to my repairman.” –From Gary of Peyton

“We bought a new Goodman furnace and air unit. $14,000. The humidity is horrible!!! 57%-68% everyday and night. The repair guys tell me to turn it down to 67*, well that’s too dang cold for us, we are in our 70’s. Then they said to keep fan on 24-7, all of this deletes the purpose of high energy savings. What crap! Hours and hours of service men here and the humidity still doesn’t go below 57%. They keep telling me an air conditioning unit DOES NOT remove humidity. Every home we had, the air conditioning took the humidity out to a comfortable level. Our 22 yr old unit did just fine. So much for updating The two units. So RUN FROM GOODMAN if you like lower humidity!!!! Now they say we need a whole house dehumidifier for $2000 more, are you kidding me?? We’ve lived in this house for 7 yrs, NEVER EVER have we had high humidity.” –From Cheryl