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Portable Air Conditioner Without Evacuation: How Does It Work?

The air conditioner is supposed to control the temperature of a room. According to the literal definition, it must therefore be able to heat and cool a house. However, over time, people have become accustomed to considering only devices capable of cooling as air conditioners. Real air conditioning by a fixed air conditioner requires a large investment and is not within everyone’s reach. There is an alternative to this device; it is the portable air conditioner without evacuation. What is that? And how does it work? The answers in this article.

What is a ductless portable air conditioner?


The ventless portable air conditioner is not a real air conditioner. This is a name attributed to any device that cools the ambient air without using a refrigerant. It is a good economical alternative for small budgets. Indeed, it is not expensive; the cheapest is often worth around 50 euros. Its installation is very simple and does not require major work. It must be plugged into an electrical outlet to work. It is a company specializing in air conditioning.

This device also does not require maintenance as such. All you have to do is put some demineralized water in the filter to keep it moist. The portable air conditioner without evacuation is also very energy efficient. It will, therefore, not have a big impact on your electricity bills. It is also possible to move it, unlike the fixed air conditioning.

What is its mode of operation?

To understand how the ventless portable air conditioner works, you have to understand how conventional air conditioners work.

How a classic air conditioner works

The operation of the air conditioner consists of the production of cold but also of heat that must be evacuated. On this point, it can be compared to a refrigerator. In each of the two, a refrigerant circulates in a closed circuit. The heat calories are absorbed, and when the temperature drops, then they are rejected out of the device.

Added to this is a condensate that arises from the condensation of the water vapor available in the air. This appliance has an evacuation pipe, the end of which must be placed outside the home. If by chance, you decide to leave the exhaust pipe in the room, the heat released will cancel out the cold. Thus, there really is no such thing as a ventless air conditioner.

How an evacuated portable air conditioner works

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The ventless mobile air conditioner does not need to be connected to the outside via a pipe or duct. Indeed, it works by evaporation (hydro-cooling) and propels fresh air directly into the room. This device consists of a single unit and is a true air conditioning without evacuation in addition to its mobility.

The ventless mobile air conditioner first absorbs the warm air available in the room. Then it passes through a moistened filter. The latter is responsible for cooling it and capturing the heat. The cool air is then expelled into the room. This air conditioner thus lowers the temperature of the room and makes it more livable.

Its mode of operation is not always only advantageous. The performance of a ductless portable air conditioner is no match for traditional portable air conditioners. It allows you to adjust the temperature and makes noise when it is running.

In short, the portable air conditioner without evacuation is the best alternative to fixed air conditioning. From an economic point of view, it represents a much smaller investment and works according to an evaporation system. This makes it able to dispense with the pipes and ducts necessary for evacuation at the level of other air conditioners. However, the performance of this type of air conditioner does not match that provided by other types of air conditioners.

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