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How To Install a Ventilation System Intelligently?

Installing a ventilation system is a task not to be taken lightly. The ventilation or airing of the house is essential to guarantee comfort. It absorbs the stale air. However, installing a ventilation system should not be done by a simple whim to secure your health and house. There are several other factors to consider.

How To Choose the Type of Ventilation System?

Before installing your ventilation system, you must choose between two possibilities: single or double flow.

The single flow is the simplest and most economical ventilation technology. It is self-regulating or humidity-controlled. It sucks the air from the humid room and releases it outside, which may reject the heat generated by the heating in the house.

In contrast, a double-flow introduces new air in a house while recovering the heat or the freshness resulting from the extraction of the stale air. This ensures a considerable reduction of heat loss, up to 90%, allowing energy savings. The double flow is one of the most efficient ventilation systems on the market.

How To Install a Ventilation System?

The installation of a ventilation system guarantees optimal comfort because it improves the ambient air quality. It also reduces the presence of bacteria and microbes in the home. It is also the best way to avoid humidity problems in rooms.

Two criteria should be considered before proceeding with the installation. Firstly, you must consider the number of toilets; secondly, the location must limit the passage of ducts. The installed model consists of an extra-flat unit to be placed between the ceiling and the false ceiling. This unit ensures the ventilation of several rooms other than the sanitary. It must include a humidity-sensitive single flow box less than 20 cm high and four stoppers, one for the kitchen and three for the toilets.

The wet rooms must be grouped to facilitate the sanitary connections and simplify the ventilation box installation. The objective is thus to minimize the distance between the mouths and the group. It is ideal for installing the unit in the bathroom or in a toilet to avoid being bothered by the noise and facilitate the intervention in case of breakdown. If a wet room is far from the others, it is better to equip it with an independent extractor that works permanently. When installing a ventilation system, it is sometimes difficult to drill the walls to install the vents and the passage of the ducts. Therefore, you can use carbide bits to get perfect holes regardless of the material you use. In all the realization, it is recommended to seek the services of a professional to ensure the success of the installation and avoid possible problems.

How To Maintain the Ventilation System?

A ventilation system must be systematically cleaned to ensure its proper functioning. Good maintenance provides good ventilation to avoid mold, moisture, dust mites, bacteria, etc. The accumulation of dust could increase the risk of motor overheating or even fire. To ensure your safety, always call in the specialists.