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The Mobile Air Conditioner: How Does It Work?

The air conditioner is an essential device, especially in summer when heat waves are persistent. Many models can be adapted to your needs in terms of performance and efficiency, but also the configuration of the house. The mobile air conditioner is one of the most effective solutions for cooling a room. While this device is advantageous in many ways, choosing a suitable model is far from easy. Indeed, many points must be considered, including the model to be used, the operating mode, and the context of use.

What Is a Mobile Air Conditioner?

A mobile air conditioner is a variation of the usual air conditioner models but does not need to be installed on the walls. It is a monobloc air conditioner that has only one mobile unit. The heat collection and the diffusion of cool air are done by this single unit, which makes the device very convenient.

This device is composed of the same parts as a regular air conditioner, namely a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and an expansion valve.

How Does the Mobile Air Conditioner Work?

In general, the mobile air conditioner works like an air-to-air heat pump. That is to say, it captures the warm air in a room and transforms it into cool air, which will then be distributed. The cooling process is done in several steps.

First, the air conditioner draws in warm air, then sent to the evaporator, which captures the heat.

The refrigerant gas is sent to the compressor, whose operating pressure and temperature will increase considerably. It is then sent to the condenser, which removes heat through a pipe that rejects it to the outside. At this point, the gas becomes liquid again but remains under high pressure.

Finally, the expansion valve considerably reduces the pressure of the fluid and its temperature. It is this freshness that is diffused in the room.


What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mobile Air Conditioner?

Using a mobile air conditioner is advantageous on several points.

A Personalized Use

The mobile air conditioner adapts perfectly to your needs for cool air. Its compactness is its best asset. Moreover, it can be used as an air filter or dehumidifier.

A Price That Fits All Budgets

The cost of the device is also an exciting advantage. Indeed, for purchasing a mobile air conditioner, count between 200 and 1,600 euros for standard models and up to 5,000 euros for high-end models.

An Increasingly Practical Device

Air conditioners are constantly evolving. Some are equipped with a remote control that significantly facilitates the use of the system. Similarly, others have a device that evaluates the ambient temperature and operates according to this condition. This reduces energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance.

In addition to these advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider.

A More or Less Important Noise Nuisance

A mobile air conditioner in operation produces a lot of noise (65 dB on average), despite the progress made in the design of the machine. This is a problem, especially if you want to sleep while cooling the room.

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Limited Performance

Although the air conditioner is an innovative solution to increase comfort, its performance is limited. Indeed, it is only used as a backup device for a room not exceeding 40 m².

Increased Electricity Consumption

The more the air conditioner is used, the more electricity it consumes. However, its primary purpose is to lower the temperature of a room quickly. This problem can be solved by opting for more economical and more efficient appliances. However, this represents a significant investment.