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Things to Know Before Buying a Window Air Conditioner


    – The different window air conditioners

    – Things to consider before buying a window air conditioner

    – Installing a window air conditioner

    – Window Air Conditioner Precautions

As the warm weather approaches, the heat settles into our home. With a window air conditioner, you can cool every room in your home.

The different window air conditioners

There are 2 types of window air conditioners:

    – The horizontal window air conditioner: it fits sliding or sash windows.

    – The vertical window air conditioner: fits horizontal sliding or casement windows.

Window air conditioners can be easily removed and stored during the winter. It is a monobloc type of air conditioner.

Things to consider before buying a window air conditioner

Before purchasing a window air conditioner, it is a good idea to ask yourself a few essential questions

    – the type of window in which you will install the air conditioner

    – the surface of the room to be air-conditioned

    – the exposure of the room to be heated (if your house is located in the south and west, it is more challenging to air-condition them because of the intense exposure to the sun);

    – the insulation of your walls and windows, because houses with less insulation need a more powerful air conditioner.

Note: this type of air conditioner is not widely used in Europe. On the other hand, there are many models across the Atlantic.

Installing a window air conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioner has a compressor, which increases the pressure of the gaseous fluid, an evaporator that recovers heat from the indoor air. It also has an expansion valve that reduces the pressure and controls the flow of the refrigerant and a condenser that facilitates the passage of the fluid to the liquid state and rejects the heat captured inside.

Your window air conditioner is placed in the window frame. Therefore, you must provide a mounting bracket for the air conditioner and ensure airtight to prevent hot air from entering.

Window air conditioner: precautions for use

To prolong the life of your air conditioner, you should take some precautions:

    – If you store your air conditioner, leave it in an upright position to avoid damaging the cooling system.

    – If you are cooling a bedroom, use an air conditioner with a capacity of 8,000 BTU/h (British thermal unit per hour) or 2.3 kW, instead of 6,000 BTU/h or 1.8 kW. Run it at a low speed, which will significantly reduce noise and start-up time.

    – If you are air-conditioning several rooms of different sizes, install several 6,000 or 8,000 BTU/hr air conditioners in several locations to ensure proper air distribution. You’ll get better cooling with this device than with a high-powered 10,000 BTU/h (3 kW) air conditioner.

    – Your air conditioner’s filter should be cleaned every month when you use it daily.

Note: Window air conditioners can sometimes be noisy and work best in small rooms.

Good to know: You can contact Coretemp Heating And Air Inc. to ensure a successful installation of your systems, from conceptualization to installation to maintenance and repairs. It is recommended to maintain your air conditioners between 4 and 70 kW at least every two years.

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