Signs That Your A/C Needs a Tune-Up

When it comes to the maintenance and tune-up of cars, we do our due diligence. But, what about our air conditioning units? Regular tune-ups are essential for the smooth running of an A/C, but do you remember when the last time you got your air conditioner serviced was? Below you will find some signs that will help you to know whether your A/C needs a tune-up or not.

  1. The Air Conditioner Has a Weak Airflow

No matter what the season is, we all depend on our air conditioning systems to provide a consistent airflow to maintain the desired temperature. But when this doesn’t happen, your air conditioning system works harder than usual, resulting in inconsistent temperatures and increased bills.

Do you feel that the air in your room is stagnant? If you notice that cool air is not reaching its destination, then it can be a sign that there is a problem with the air ducts. But poor airflow is also an indication of clogged filters or maybe both.

If you still remember our last article on air filters, clogged or blocked ones can cause significant damage and shorten an HVAC system’s lifespan. Moreover, the release of huge amounts of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases can cause considerable harm to the environment. And, let us not forget that clogged air filters can increase the risks of allergies and asthma attacks.

Weak airflow could also be due to leaking air ducts which means that precious air is being wasted. And, my friend, duct tape is not the solution here. What you need is an A/C tune-up!

  1. Inconsistent Indoor Temperature

If you walked into one room of your house that is extremely humid but then noticed that the room next door is cool and comfortable, then this problem shouldn’t go unnoticed. But if you notice that the temperatures are not evenly distributed even though all the windows and doors of the rooms are properly sealed, the best solution lies in an A/C tune-up.

  1. Your Air Conditioner Is Giving off a Foul Odor

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Suppose you get home from a scorching day in the sun and turn your AC on only to get a horrible smell from the air conditioning system. I can feel your pain!

Generally, bad odors can occur due to several reasons like wet filters or build-up of fungus or mold. For instance, when your AC blows air over dirty condenser oils that have build-up grime and dust, you will be wafted with that horrible odor.

Moreover, sometimes the horrible smell from an air con’s vent can also mean that your system’s wire insulation needs to be replaced. Another cause could be your air filtration quality, where the air filters are functioning properly and protecting your home from outside air and bacteria.

Hence, I can say without a doubt, that this is a sign that you need an A/C tune-up. 

  1. Strange Sounds Coming From Your A/C

An air conditioning system that is making strange and very loud sounds might need a pick me up!

For instance, the sounds that you can hear are a hissing sound, a whistle, a buzz or an alarming bang and let me inform you that these sounds signal you that something is wrong somewhere in your air conditioning system.

  • Generally, if an airflow is partially obstructed, a buzzing sound can be heard as the air conditioning unit will try to push the air past the blockage, creating discerning sounds.
  • Compared to a car, an AC is made up of various motors and different noises can often indicate which motor malfunctioned. Let me give you an example. Grinding noise is usually associated with an issue with the fan motor.
  • In addition, if the blades are not moving swiftly or are damaged, then a humming noise or raspy sound can be produced.
  • A dying motor can also give out a humming noise.
  1. Higher Utility Bills

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If there has been no increase in your usage activity, then how come your utility bills have been increasing? This could mean that your air conditioning unit is drawing more energy than usual and this occurs due to a lack of proper maintenance.

As per these signs, do you think your A/C needs a tune-up? Please share your comments!



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