Electrical Power Strip: For What Use?


    – Electrical power strip: definition and type

    – Electrical power strip: for what use?

    – Models and options of power strips

    – Where to find a power strip?

    – Price of a power strip

A power strip is a mobile electrical device that allows you to connect several electrical appliances to a single outlet. Power strips are indispensable at home, office, and workshops. Let’s see more below…

Electrical power strip: definition and type

A power strip comprises a block of sockets with a variable number and an electrical wire of a length between 0.80 cm and 3 meters. Depending on the power strip configuration, it can have two, three, or five electrical outlets.

There are three types of power strips:

    – Electrical power strips with 2 P + T sockets, i.e., 2 poles + earth, which means that the power strip accepts appliances that need to be connected to the earth. The wire section is 1.5 mm.

    – Power strips with 2 P sockets, i.e., 2 poles, which means that the power strip accepts low-power devices (clock radio, bedside lamp, telephone, demodulator, etc.). The cross-section of the wires is 0.75 mm, and the protection is 6 A.

    – Mixed power strips with 2 P + T sockets and 2 P sockets, i.e. 2 poles + earth and 2 poles. This type of block accommodates low and high power appliances, and the cross-section of the wires is 1.5 mm for grounded outlets and 0.75 mm for the others.

Please note: you must connect grounded power strips to an electrical outlet with the same protection type. The protection is 10/16 Amps.

Electrical power strips: what are they used for?

Power strips are handy at home, workshop, and outdoors. Depending on their use, electrical outlets have specific characteristics:

    – At home, electrical power strips can be lightning arresters and provide additional protection downstream of the electrical panel to the equipment connected to it.

    – In the workshop, power strips are protected from shocks by better plastic or rubber protection on the plugs and the block.

    – For outdoor use, power strips are made of a waterproof monoblock with an IP44 rating.

Good to know: power strips generally allow a maximum of 8 electrical equipment to be connected (top-of-the-range power strips allow 10 appliances to be connected).

Models and options for power strips

Power strips come in different models depending on their use and type and may have

    – a lightning protection/overvoltage protection to protect the appliances;

    – a switch for intelligent management of electrical equipment;

    – various shapes adapted to different configurations;

    – one or more USB plugs;

    – an operating indicator light;

    – a varied cable length;

    – a variable number of outlets.

Please note: power strips are also available in models without cables, in which case the number of outlets is limited. This type of power strip is commonly called a power strip.

Where to find a power strip?

Electrical power strips are readily available and distributed by

    – large DIY stores and establishments dedicated to home improvement;

    – specialized electrical stores;

    – large retail stores in the electrical department;

    – hardware stores and local bazaars;

    – on the Internet via marketplaces and online stores dedicated to DIY.

Price of a power strip

The prices of power strips are homogeneous from one distributor to another. The price varies according to the type, its use, and the model. Count on approximately :

    – $5 for a first price 5-socket power strip with switch;

    – $10 for a waterproof power strip with 4 outlets;

    – $20 for a 6 outlet power strip with a switch.

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