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Reasons Why A/C Tune-Ups Are Worth It

There’s nothing worse than waking up to find that your A/C has stopped working, especially during the hottest period of the year. So, if you want to prevent this nightmare, it is best to start considering an A/C tune up. However, if you are thinking whether it is worth it or not, let me present to you why I think an A/C tune up is essential.

#1. A Spring Tune up Will Give Your Air Conditioner a Head Start

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Suppose that you are about to drive your car cross-country. However, your car has been sitting in the garage for a long period of time. So, it is obvious that before starting the long drive, you would bring your car in for a tune up, an oil change or also a tire rotation as you would want your car to be running in top condition.

The same thing goes for your air conditioner.

During the winter months, your air conditioner has been sitting idle but as you get closer to the extended season of hot weather, it would mean a long period of heavy use of your air conditioning unit. Therefore, a good sweep will ensure a peak performance of your air conditioning system.

#2. Prevent Further Damage and Breakdown

Did you know that A/C tune ups were often referred as “preventative maintenance?” The question is, why?

During tune ups, HVAC experts carry out a proper inside and outside inspection of your unit to check for any issues that might lead to a breakdown in the long run. In other words, when you are getting an A/C tune up, you are getting your air conditioning unit checked for problems which will help in preventing any unexpected damage that might have occurred otherwise.

This leads us to the next reason:

#3. Regular Maintenance Is Better and Less Costly Than Repairs

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Again back to an illustration. Imagine that you have not given proper and regular maintenance to your car. So, do you think it would have survived a road trip? Maybe. But if your car would have broken down, a repair would have been much more expensive than the pre-emptive maintenance. You can think about your air conditioner in the same way.

I cannot guarantee you that A/C tune ups can stop all AC problems from happening or can prevent its breakdown. But, it is true that during a tune up, an HVAC technician can detect even small problems and fix them before they become bigger ones. This will save you from the higher cost, or rather bigger hassle, of a repair service. For example, according to some research, nearly 50 % of cooling problems could have been avoided by a simple A/C tune up. 

Moreover, if you have an old unit, the review can point out whether you need a new HVAC system.

#4. A/C Tune UPS Increase the Efficiency and Life Span of Your Unit 

Like any other equipment in your house, dust and dirt can also build up in your air conditioning unit. The outside of the unit can be easily cleaned but what about the internal coils and mechanical parts?

For you, a little bit of dust and dirt may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you that this can affect your air conditioning system’s ability to function. Allow me to explain the process of heat exchange of your A/C. So, the inside and outside coils absorb and release heat to create energy and pressure required to cool your house. However, if these coils are covered with dust and debris, it will be much more difficult for them to function properly and carry out the heat exchange, forcing the A/C to work harder.

The only solution is an HVAC tune up that will restore your unit to proper function and will increase its efficiency.

Furthermore, with such preventative maintenance, you could potentially add several more years of life to your air conditioning system as it is no big secret that a well-maintained HVAC system can last longer.

#5. A/C Tune UPS Can Lower Your Utility Bills

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I often get startled by my utility bills. But, if like me, you want to lower your energy bills and still enjoy a cool temperature, then you absolutely need that A/C tune up.

So, do you think an A/C tune up is worth it? Please share your comments!