Checklist for Buying a New Hvac System

All homeowners consider an HVAC system as one of the most important components in a home. If you are considering buying a new one, we recommend reading this article to learn more.


Signs That You Need To Replace Your Hvac System


  1. Your Utility Bills Keep Climbing


According to Jim Hughes, a senior manager at Service Experts’, “a spike in energy bills is a sign that your unit might require extensive repairs and it might be more cost-effective to replace it with a newer model.”


For example, it is completely normal to spend a bit a bit more on utilities during unbearably hot summers, when you are trying to cool your home. Nonetheless, the bills should not be considerably higher than they were in the same month the previous year. Therefore, rising utility bills represent an inefficient system and maybe a simple repair would not be enough and you need to consider a replacement.



  1. Old and Outdated HVAC System
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Suppose I have an HVAC system that I have been using for 25 years. Isn’t it obvious that the system would significantly slow down and that rather than a repair, I would have to consider a replacement? Even the U.S Department of Energy claimed that: “Property owners should replace HVAC systems every 10 to 15 years.”


Moreover, modern HVAC units are more durable and energy-efficient than previous models.



  1. Constant Repairs and Maintenance Are Required


It is not unusual that an HVAC system requires some kind of regular maintenance to operate efficiently over time. For example, replacing some parts such as a simple electric switch. However, when an HVAC system starts to leak refrigerant or the compressor stops working, then costly repairs are required and it becomes too expensive to keep the system running.


So, guys, I suggest that instead of throwing your money on expensive repair bill, why don’t you just buy a new HVAC system? You will save more money in the long run.



  1. Very Loud Noises


With age, it is normal for HVAC systems to get louder. However, when the system frequently gets too loud, it is a sign that you need a replacement.



Your New HVAC System Checklist


  • Prepare


Don’t just go and buy a new HVAC system just because you have a small doubt. It is essential to confirm that you really need a replacement. So, I suggest you call an HVAC technician who will conduct a proper inspection and will inform you whether you need to buy a new system or not.



  • Do Your Own Research


The next step includes contacting a local HVAC company which will help you in purchasing a new system. But, let me you tell you that you need to consider your existing house size and your family size. For example, if you are planning any future house remodeling or room additions, you will need to take these plans into account. The reason? It will enable you to narrow down your search to find an HVAC system that is intended for your needs more quickly.



  • Shopping


So, here comes the most thrilling stage in our checklist: the shopping phase. Once you have been able to find the right HVAC system that falls within the parameters you have set, it is time to shop. Of course, you will come across different brands and different models, but your local HVAC specialists will help you through this phase.



  • Finance Options
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Whether it concerns new shoes or a new HVAC system, shopping can be a really exciting project. But, of course, we cannot forget the money factor. Buying a new HVAC system can give you quite the stress.


However, with the help of a specialist, you will be able to get through this difficult phase. For example, you can either get good loan terms that will help you to pay over time for your new HVAC system or you can also take out a home-improvement loan or simply pay with your credit card.



After considering our tips, I also suggest you contact an expert before making your final decision. Please share your comments!