Where and How to Install Your Air Conditioner?

Where to install your air conditioner?


 – In which rooms should I install my air conditioner?

 – Where to install your air conditioner: installation recommendations 

 Before you start installing an air conditioner, it is essential to consider where it will be located. Indeed, this parameter is necessary to guarantee your unit’s efficiency and comfort by avoiding the sensation of drafts and temperature variations. Here are the elements to consider when deciding where to install your air conditioner.  

 In which rooms should you install your air conditioner?

 It is better to choose living rooms for the installation of an air conditioner. Think about those where you spend time and where you regularly get too hot.

 The living room, dining room, bedroom, office are all possible choices. 

Rooms to avoid

 However, installing an air conditioner, even a reversible one, is not advisable in a bathroom. The flow of air, even hot air, on wet skin creates a particularly unpleasant current sensation.

 It is also not recommended to install an air conditioner in a kitchen because of the fumes and grease present in the air in that room. 


 It is essential to read the manufacturer’s recommendations before beginning the installation.

Location of the air conditioner

 To properly position your air conditioner, it is vital to choose a clear area that facilitates air circulation and limits obstacles. The unit must be well-positioned so that the airflow does not reach people directly. It should not be installed directly in front of a bed, sofa, or table. By observing the minimum installation distances, you should not feel any discomfort due to the airflow.

Good to know: When choosing the indoor unit’s location, remember that it will need to be connected. Therefore, the feasibility of the work must also be taken into account. 

Recommendations for an AC unit

 The wall-mounted air conditioning units are fixed to the wall at a height. To avoid air diffusion problems, they are usually placed at least 2 m high. The air intake must also be at least 15 to 20 cm away from the ceiling. Also, to ensure sound air diffusion and maintenance of the unit, the unit’s sides must be clear: count at least 10 to 15 cm on both sides.

Recommendations for an indoor console unit

 Console type units are wall-mounted at the bottom. They must be mounted at least 25 cm above the floor. There must also be at least 30 cm of space above each unit for air supply. To ensure sound air diffusion and maintenance purposes, the sides of the unit must be clear: count at least 30 cm on both sides.

 How to install your air conditioner?


 – How to properly install air conditioning?

 – How to install a split air-conditioning system

 – To install air conditioning properly, go to a pro!

Properly installing air conditioning is essential for its efficiency and comfort. Cold air first goes to the ceiling and then goes back down. A sound installation allows you to mix the cold air and the air in the room before it goes down.

 Note: An improperly installed air conditioner can generate cold drafts. 

 How to properly install an air conditioner?

 The installation of an air conditioner depends on the type of air conditioner chosen. However, an air conditioner, whatever it is, must:

 – be dimensioned according to the surface to be air-conditioned and the number of people;

 be installed far from heat sources to ensure its proper operation;

 – not blow directly on people: in front of a sofa, a bed, etc…;

 – do not blow air below 20°C:

 ◦ air that is too cold can cause colds or headaches,

 ◦ the risk of thermal shock starts from an 8°C difference between inside and outside;

 – be installed in a space that is sufficiently clear so as not to impede air circulation.

How to install a split air conditioning system

 Split air conditioning requires some additional installation precautions, especially for its outdoor unit:

 – Provide for condensate drainage.

 – Avoid installing it near bedroom windows.

 – Protect it from the sun and prevailing winds.

Hire a professional

 To successfully install your air conditioner, especially a split air conditioner, go through a professional installer! He will calculate the power required for a comfortable installation using a heat balance.

If you wish, we can help you get in touch with one or more professionals near you to give you an estimate. Please, drop us your comment below.

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