Heating Tips

The Staggering Therapeutic Perks of Heated Floors

Imagine getting out of bed and putting yourself on a warm, heated floor? Just think that with a heated floor in your home, you won’t have to wear slippers just to walk on those cold ceramic floors. Underfloor heating is the most efficient heating system, appreciated for its many therapeutic benefits. Read on to learn about these benefits and why you should install floor heating in your home.

Before we delve into the advantages of radiant floor heating, let me first explain how radiant floor heating works. Radiant floor heating systems consist of heat-conducting mats with electrical wires that are installed under your floor. By using heat transfer, radiant floor heating systems heat a room from the floor and distribute the heat evenly to keep people and objects in the place at a comfortable temperature. Floor heating systems can be installed under all types of floor coverings, including ceramic tile, stone slabs, wood, laminate, carpet, and vinyl. Floor heating systems differ from traditional methods, such as forced-air heating systems and baseboard heaters, which are usually located in the corner of the room and require ducts and vents to distribute the heat.

Superior Comfort

As you can see from the operation of the system, underfloor heating systems offer optimal thermal comfort. Fluctuations in temperature can be annoying for many people, especially those with health problems. Underfloor heating systems allow you to maintain and enjoy a comfortable environment. Thanks to the uniform distribution of heat, underfloor heating systems also allow you to maintain the same level of comfort with your thermostat set at a lower temperature.

Less Equipment Needed

Conventional forced-air systems require many components, such as ducts in each room. These components must be maintained to function optimally. Ductwork is challenging to repair, and repair is also expensive. But radiant floor heating systems do not need ducts. That means that they do not need dampers, radiators, vents, or other components associated with conventional heating systems. No heating system is also not required. The reduced number of parts means that maintenance costs are much lower.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Unless you suffer from allergies or asthma, your home’s indoor air quality may not be something you think about too often. What you might not know is forced air, and baseboard heating systems can worsen indoor air quality. For instance, forced air systems involve vents that can blow dust and light particles around your home. Additionally, both forced air and baseboard systems include scorching surfaces, which can burn these particles and circulate them around. Since heated floors provide heat from the level up, without the use of vents and pipes, they don’t transfer dust or toxins into your air or dry it out.

It’s Energy-Efficient

One of the benefits of radiant heating systems is that they are much more energy-efficient than the forced air systems. Radiant floor heating is almost 30% more efficient than forced-air systems, especially those who use water as the medium. These systems need less energy to run, which means you get lower electricity bills and thus save money as well. So, radiant systems are cost-effective as well.

Easy To Run

Once a radiant system is installed, it hardly needs any maintenance. Some companies offer long guarantees, as long as 30 years. You can run the operation smoothly with a programmable thermostat or Smart thermostats so that you can control it just like any other heating system.

Cozy and Silent

Another difference between heated floors and traditional systems is the former operate with no noise. Radiant floor heating produces no swooshing or creaking sounds from radiators, fans, air ducts, or pumps. Heated floors work quietly and out of sight and don’t hinder your interior design scheme. Radiant heating systems are perfect for people who love peace. You won’t hear air blowing throughout the home, as they operate silently. You will realize the sound of the conventional heating systems only when you experience the silence of radiant floor heating.

You Get More Options For Design

As the whole system is out of sight, you don’t have to deal with unsightly radiators. The most modern heaters take up space on the walls too, leaving you with fewer design options. The walls can be decorated unhindered. You have the choice to go for walls chock full of paintings or make a design statement with the minimalist style.

As you can see, there are many therapeutic benefits of heated floors. For a more comfortable and healthier environment, consider installing radiant heat flooring in your home.