What to Look Out for When Buying Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have become a common part of our daily life. Heat comes with serious consequences to human life and health which makes a good air conditioning system a worthwhile investment.

Air conditioners vary in a lot of factors such as price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. With the introduction of new technologies, consumers have become more savvy to the fact that they have a wide variety of brands and product offerings to choose from.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for an AC:

Size of the room: The size/capacity of the AC should be adequate for the size of your room. If it is too big, it will not be able to provide proper dehumidification, a unit with too high of a cooling capacity for the space can turn on and off too often and one that is too small will cost you more in terms of energy consumption.

Installation: In order to get the most out of your air conditioning unit, it is important to properly install it.  A window AC is a compact unit designed to be attached to the windows, whereas a split AC has a compressor unit outside the house and one indoor unit inside the room, specifically designed for the better flow of air. Make sure that unit is installed by expert professionals or from an authorized service center.

Noise control: Noise is a very important point to consider when buying an AC. Each AC has a noise level of operation in its product specifications. Ideally, the noise levels should be within 50dB. An AC with a lot of noise can ruin your sleep as well as your neighbors’ sleep.

Energy efficiency:  Air conditioners come with star rated energy efficiency ratings known as EER. ACs with higher star ratings will consume much less power, thereby saving money on your electricity bill in the long run.

Inverter technology: For better and more consistent and better cooling, an inverter AC is worth investing in. Inverter ACs are a little more expensive than regular ones, but with one third less power consumption than non-inverter ACs.

Blower size: The blower fan is an important component of your AC system and something all AC users should be familiar with. The bigger the blower size the stronger is the air flow of the AC. The airflow through the blower ensures that there is no feeling of suffocation and ensures better air distribution throughout the space.

Condenser coils: AC condensers use coils to cool the air. Copper coils are popular as they cool faster, are to maintain and have a longer lifespan. They have better heat exchange and anti-corrosive properties when compared to the aluminum coils.

Fire safety: These days ACs use P2 protected capacitors having the highest level of safety features with self-healing properties and overpressure disconnection and for more safety come with the protective metal casing on the electrical circuit box. Also, while servicing the AC it must be ensured that no alteration or addition is done to affect the performance in an adverse manner.

Easy to clean filters:  ACs come with filters to keep your room free from allergens and other pollutants. Make sure you can easily access the filter for cleaning, something you’ll be doing frequently to keep the unit in tip-top condition. Choose a system with easy to remove and clean filters to extend the service life of your AC.

Other important features: Most air-conditioning units come with a dehumidification function, which helps in getting rid of excess moisture in the air. Another important feature is the sleep mode function which saves on power bills by reducing cooling every hour. It is useful in conditions where the outside temperature drops considerably in the middle of the night. These days ACs even come with a self-cleaning feature which prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms by keeping moisture away and helps you to get cleaner, better cooling and therefore your AC will last longer.

We hope this handy list has given you some interesting points to consider when purchasing your next AC system. Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips to share.

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