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Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioning Clean

Many a times, we tend to clean the air conditioner by ourselves and it ends in our personal loss. Cleaning an air conditioning is better when left to professionals as unknowingly we might break something, and it will result in the worst summer ever. The need for air conditioning unit is always questioned in businesses but that has not reduced its usage. However, with the emergence of Information Technology, the need for air conditioners is growing as server rooms and cubicles without cool air are just unthinkable and unhealthy too. All the controversies associated with it are only boosting the graph of popularity of the air conditioning machine to soar higher. Like all other machines air conditioning units need to be maintained properly. It is not a set up that is to be replaced annually. Once you install it you can at least expect it to be active for a considerably longer period. If it is not maintained properly, the machines break down easily soon after you install it. Repairing after it breaks down will cost you a large amount of money while a regular servicing will cost you less.

There are certain ways to keep your air conditioning unit clean and well maintained:

o Replace the air filters at regular intervals. This is the main part of the air conditioning unit on which the task of air conditioning rests. A regular change in filters will make the air conditioning run properly for a long time. It will keep the air condition working efficiently. At the same time if air filters are not clean it will increase the monthly electricity bill. A clean filter will make room cooler in lesser time and thus save electricity.

o Give the access panel proper space. Check if the panels are secured enough. If there are any barriers near the exterior of the units, remove them as soon as possible.

o Always put the thermostat in cooling mode if you want to get a cooler room. An efficient thermostat is the heart of the air conditioning that runs the devices.

o the condensing unit should be placed in an empty and spacious area. Always ensure that the condensing unit is covered with anything as the unit is used to draw the air and to cool it. If there is any obstruction, the unit cannot draw the air and will not be able to function properly. So, if there is any obstruction near the unit, remove them.

o Check the air conditioning units properly. Take your time and maintain it in a proper way. Once you find it is not working on a day when you require it the most, you have no way out. So, avoid such situations and save all the hazards. Run the unit for some time to check if it is working properly even if you are not using it. At least with this you will have some time to call for a professional for servicing.

o It is better not to clean it yourself if you are not confident enough. Better call a professional to clean the unit as cleaning will help the air conditioning work more efficiently and save power.

Clean Your Air Conditioning Condenser

Along with cleaning the air conditioner, we might forget to focus on cleaning the air conditioning condenser as well. It is as important as the air conditioner itself.

Air Conditioning or A/C condenser is the part of the unit that releases the heat to the outside. This unit is typically found in the back or side yard of your home. It has a large fan in it that draws air across the coils and exhausts through the top.

For this unit to work properly it needs no less than 6 inches clearance to walls and should have plenty of fresh air to draw from. It should never be covered when in use.

The coils are made of copper tube wrapped by metal sleeves attached to metal fins all designed to help dissipate heat. When your A/C runs it is moving the heat from inside your home to outside. The fins and copper coils help to make that possible.

To properly clean a condenser, you will need a garden hose, a spray nozzle, and a water source. Chemicals are not required, and some can be damaging, so plain water is the safest. Simply spray the fins starting at the top and working down. You are trying to get all the dust you can off. Work your way around the unit rinsing all the fins.

It is important to keep this unit clean so that it can work efficiently. This process should be done once or twice a year, depending on how fast dirt builds up on the unit. You can do it as often as you want, these units are designed to get wet. A note of caution though, you will not want to do this when the unit is running. There are two reasons for this, one, active electronics don’t always react well to water and there is no need to take chances. The second reason is that when running the fan will blow all the water up into the air and you will get yourself and everything around you unexpectedly wet.

If you see a large section of fins that are flattened, you can gently straiten them with a flat screwdriver one by one. This will also increase airflow.

Once you are done rinsing you have completed your cleaning. It is that easy. Keeping your condenser clean will ensure that your unit runs efficiently, and the life of your unit will be preserved.

Try these ways to keep your room cooler and your device more energy efficient. If you find things are getting complicated, do not waste time and seek professional help. Located in Hasting, Melbourne, Peninsula Heating Cooling & Electrical specialises in residential and commercial heating, cooling, and electrical services.

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