Quick and Easy Guide to Clean a Split Air Conditioner (Part 2)

One of the most widely used air conditioning systems that many homeowners are relying on today is split air conditioners. With an outside compressor and an inside air outlet system, the AC unit works wonders in homes that do not have ductwork. With the additional benefit of providing adequate heating and cooling, this compact, powerful and highly efficient AC unit is taking HVAC customers by storm.

Now, when you need to clean the split AC, however, specific procedures must be followed.

Continue With the Exterior Cleaning

Turn Off Your Outdoor Condenser’s Power

Unplug or turn off your outdoor split A/C unit to ensure that no electricity flows into it. You don’t want to have the AC hooked up because you’ll be rinsing the fins with cold water. Your power system may be connected to a breaker or it may have its own power source; regardless, flip or unplug this source to turn off the power completely.

You can consult the schematics, if you are unsure of the location of the power supply in your house. It is usually found a few feet away from the unit outside.

Vacuum the Condenser Fins With a Brush Attachment

Vacuum the Condenser Fins With a Brush AttachmentConnect a vacuum to the outside of the house and attach the brush attachment to the vacuum’s nozzle. Condenser fins are squishy, vertical pieces of metal that run the length of the metal unit. Turn on the vacuum and use long movements to remove any visible dust and debris from the outdoor unit. Continue in straight lines horizontally and vertically until no dirt or leaves are visible in your condenser.

Rake around your outdoor unit on a regular basis, brushing off any stray leaves or debris that you see.

If Necessary, Use a Long Knife to Straighten the Metal Fins 

Take a long dinner knife and run it through the indentations between any bent metal fins. If you want your condenser to perform optimally, you must ensure that all of the fins are straight and functional.

You can also buy tools designed to straighten out the A/C condenser fins at a home improvement store.

Remove the Fan by Unscrewing the Lid of the Outdoor Unit

Remove the grille from the condenser’s top using a screwdriver or another pointed tool. Before you can clean the fins, you must first remove any electrical units, particularly the fan. Remove any bolts or screws holding the fan in placebefore lifting it out of the metal unit with a wrench or screwdriver. Because the fan is wired to the condenser, you won’t be able to completely remove it.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the safest way to remove your outdoor condenser fan.

Rinse the Fins With Water and Allow the Unit to Dry Completely 

Rinse the Fins With Water and Allow the Unit to Dry Completely 

To clean the A/C condenser fins from the inside of the metal unit, use a garden hose.The rinsing process ensures that the fins are as clear and clean as possible, allowing your condenser to run efficiently. Allow the inside of the outdoor unit to completely dry before proceeding.

If you want a finer or stronger mist from your hose, use a sprayer attachment. Avoid applying too much water pressure to the fins.

Before Re-Connecting the Displaced Parts, Turn the Power Back On 

Reinstall your fan in the condenser unit with the proper tools, and reconnect the top grille to the outdoor unit with a screwdriver. Once all of these pieces are in place, return to the circuit breaker or power source and turn the power back on (or plug in the unit).

If your outdoor unit appears to be malfunctioning, don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance