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Quick and Easy Guide to Clean a Split Air Conditioner

Today, all homeowners are aware of the importance of an air conditioning unit. Split air conditioners are widely known for their ductless and compact format.

However, when it comes to cleaning the split AC, specific steps must be followed.

Cleaning the Indoor Unit

Cleaning the Indoor Unit

Wrap a Cleaning Bag Around the Entire Split Air Conditioning System

To prevent dust and dirt from reaching the floor, wrap your entire appliance in a new cleaning bag. They are available for purchase online for less than $20.

Remove the Front Panel and Turn Off the Power Source

Before opening the front panel, go to the appropriate circuit breaker or power source in your home and turn off the power to your split A/C. Unscrew the latches on the front of the A/C to lift it up and gain access to the inside of the unit.

Remove the Air Filters From Your Split Air Conditioner

The air filters are the long, rectangular pieces that rest at the front of the appliance, and they must be removed and washed to stay in good condition. To loosen and remove the air filters, press a tab along the side of each one. Before beginning the cleaning process, shake the filters outside to remove any visible dust and dirt.

Rinse the Air Filters That Have Been Removed Under Running Water

Pour cool tap water over the air filters in a sink or large basin. If your filters aren’t too filthy, rinsing them may be sufficient to remove the dust. If running water doesn’t seem to work, gently rub in a mild cleaning detergent with a sponge or cleaning pad. Then, rinse them and allow them to air dry.

Clear the Dust From the Cooling Fins

Attach a thin, canister attachment to your air blower and use it to clear the dust from the back of your split air conditioner. The cooling fins resemble a series of metallic lines that are snug against the back of the air conditioner. Make sure to blow across the entire surface area of the cooling fins.

Allow the Coils to Dry After Cleaning Them With No-Rinse Evaporator Spray 

Apply a no-rinse evaporator cleaner from a specialty can to the coils. Allow the product to sit for at least 20 minutes. The coils resemble connected, rounded pieces of metal and run across the center of the indoor unit.

To Prevent Mold, Spray an Antifungal Cleaner Onto the Coils 

Sanitize the back of your air conditioner with an antifungal cleaning spray, which is where toxins are most likely to form. This cleaner aids in the prevention of the growth of toxic particles and spores in your appliance. Allow at least 5 minutes for the spray to dry before replacing the air filters.

Change the Air Filters 

Once you’ve confirmed that the air filters are clean and dry, replace them in their original location. They should slide into place easily, but if you’re having trouble with the assembly, double-check your owner’s manual. These new air filters will ensure that only clean, cool air passes through your A/C system.

Flush Out the Drain Lines to Clear Out Any Clogs in the A/C 

Disconnect the hose or pipe that connects the indoor and outdoor units to avoid a drain line clog. To force water or cleaner down the drainpipe, use a pressurized flush kit. Allow at least 1 hour for the drain line to air-dry to ensure that all of the water or cleaning fluid has evaporated. Before turning on the A/C, reconnect the hose.

Restart Your Split A/C System to Ensure That Everything Is Working Properly

Return to the circuit breaker or power source for your A/C and turn it back on. Check your split A/C to see if cold air is coming out of it once the power is restored. Take pleasure in breathing in fresh, clean air!

Additional Tips:

  • You can also remove clogs by inserting a wire or a long piece of metal into the pipe.
  • If your split A/C is still not working properly, consider contacting a professional technician for assistance.
  • Keep the cleaning bag in place after turning on the air conditioner—there’s a good chance the machine will spit out some dirty water. Wait until all of the waste has exited the air conditioner before removing and discarding the bag.