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Why Install a Solar Panel for Your Swimming Pool

Why Install a Solar Panel for Your Swimming Pool


    – Solar panel for swimming pool: economic heating

    – Swimming pool: specific solar thermal collectors

    – Choosing the surface and the options of the solar panel for the swimming pool

    – Solar thermal panel: pool alone or combined system?

Most pool owners are faced with two concerns. The first is that it is not used enough because it is cold in the off-season even if you want to heat it! The second is that it is expensive to maintain. 

In this case, how to heat your pool for free?

It is an excellent way to heat your pool water at a low cost. You can even make a solar thermal panel system to heat your pool yourself. 

From this point of view, the benefits of a solar pool heater are immense. To explore several solar pool heating options, dive into this guide.

The operation of a solar pool heater is quite simple:

    – Water that passes through the filtration system is diverted to the solar heating system.

    – Through the use of solar pool collectors, the water is filtered and then heated

    – Then, it is sent to the pool itself.

Solar panel for swimming pool: economic heating

Why Install a Solar Panel for Your Swimming Pool

The installation of thermal solar panels can allow you to increase your pool water temperature by 3 to 7°C. Ecological, it is also an economical solution: the energy source is free and inexhaustible.

No waste! The pool heating will work when the sun is shining, i.e., precisely when you want to enjoy the pool. Moreover, you will make the use of your pool profitable, which will be more pleasant because it will be warmer.

Swimming pool: specific thermal solar collectors

There are specific thermal solar panels for swimming pools. The panel you install will contain unglazed water collectors adapted to the pool. They are also called carpeted collectors (swimming pool solar mats) because you can walk on them.

In a carpeted collector, the heat transfer fluid is contained in black rubber tubes. They capture the sun’s heat and heat the pool water by contact. They are inexpensive, cost-effective, and easy to maintain.

Choosing the surface and options of the solar panel pool

To heat a swimming pool, a panel of 25 to 40% of the surface of the swimming pool is planned. The choice of the size depends on:

    – the sunshine zone in which your home is located;

    – the frequency of use of the pool;

    – the type of pool;

    – the technology of the collectors.

You will also have to choose whether or not to install an automatic regulator. This is a system that uses your pool’s filtration pump. The regulator allows water to flow through the heating system only when the sun is shining.

This prevents the water from being cooled in the circuit instead of being heated.

Solar thermal panel: pool alone or combined system?

Two solutions are available to you:

    – Install a solar thermal panel to heat only your pool;

    – install a solar panel that will heat both your domestic water and your pool water.

To make the right choice, you must assess your needs. If you want to install a solar water heater for your home, and you already have a pool, it is wise to connect the hydraulic circuit of the pool to the solar hot water tank.

If you only want to heat your pool, you can do the installation as it is not very complicated, and many kits are available on the market.

If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, ask for a professional in the comment section below. One of our readers will be able to recommend you.