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Changing Your Air Filters

Let’s face it, with work, children and home, you probably do not have the time to worry about your air filter. However, let me tell you than an air filter plays a crucial role in an air conditioning system and ensuring good air quality in your home.

Let’s have a look at the two commonly asked questions about air filters!

Why Should I Change My Air Filter Regularly?

Let us review the importance of changing air filters!

  • Protect Your Hvac System From Damage

Sometimes, our negligence can cause the failures of our cooling and heating systems. With clogged or blocked air filters, more pollutants, debris and dirt can be trapped within the whole system which can cause significant damage and at the same time, shortening its lifespan.

However, by regularly checking and changing the air filters, one can prevent such conditions and ensure an HVAC system’s longevity.

  • Ensure a Clean and Healthy Air Quality

The main objective of air filters is to improve a home’ s quality and trap harmful particles like dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, spores and pet dander. Therefore, when you change your home’s air filter, it ensures a cleaner and fresher air quality.

  • Prevent Health Risks

Did you know that the air quality of your home can affect your health?

Numerous studies have indicated that air conditioners can reduce the possibility of asthma attacks. By removing pollen, pollutants, mould, mildew and indoor allergens like dust mites, air-cons minimise the possibility of asthma attacks. However, what do you think will happen to a household if the air filters have not been changed for a long period of time? The family will be more vulnerable to certain health conditions like indoor allergies.

  • Protect the Environment

As mentioned above, a clogged air filter can cause considerable damage to the HVAC system, leading to the release of huge amounts of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases, which can cause significant harm to the environment. Hence, when you are changing your air filter, you are protecting your home and your environment.

  • Cost and Energy Saving

When you change your air filters often, it will make your HVAC system last longer, preventing further maintenance and operational costs. Furthermore, a new and clean air filter uses less energy and a cooling or heating system that works at optimal efficiency will lead to lower utility bills.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Now that you know the importance of changing an air filter, there is one critical question that arises: how often to change it. The frequency at which you should change your air filter depends on several factors which are listed below:

  • Air Filter Model: For instance, fibreglass filters are less expensive air filters that need to be changed every thirty days while pleated air filters, which are made from higher quality materials can last longer and hence can be changed after six months.

    When you purchase a new air filter, its lifespan will be indicated on the packaging. However, it is recommended to change an air filter even before its expiry date.

  • Air Quality: Suppose you live in a big city where the indoor air may be polluted with excess pollutants, smog and debris. This means that your air filter will have to work overtime to cool down the house and you will need to changer it much sooner.
  • Number of Pets: A household with pets can influence how frequently air filters need to be changed. For instance, pets can shed pet hair, dander and fur into your home and these pollutants can block the airflow of the filter. Moreover, if you have several pets, the problem can get even worse. As a result, it is recommended for all pet owner to change their air filters at least every four to five weeks.
  • Household Size: When there are many occupants in a house, there is an increase in human activities, leading to more pollutants trapped in the air filter. Thus, the more people in a home, the more often you need to change the air filters.
  • Allergies or other medical conditions: People who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions should consider replacing their old air filters with new ones more often.

Now that you have seen the importance of changing air filters, will you go and replace yours? Please share your comments below.

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