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Why Turn My AC into a Smart One?


With summer just around the corner, many are those who take advantage of the first heats to install an air conditioning system in their home or, if they have one, get it ready for the summer period. In addition to the proper maintenance, an exciting option is to convert our air conditioning into a smart, or the same, into a connected air conditioning. These are the most interesting options to convert an air conditioner into a smart and the compatibilities they offer.


We start from the premise that we already have an air conditioning system at home and not smart. In this sense, it does not hurt to take a look at our air conditioner buying guide and the aspects to consider before choosing a model for our home: the types, refrigeration system, refrigerant gas, the concept of refrigerators, energy efficiency, noise or filters. Having a smart air conditioner in the home can give us a lot of advantages. From being able to control temperatures, have greater comfort, save energy and much more. I’m going to explain each one to you, and I hope you like them.


Temperature control

A smart air conditioner that changes the home’s cooling or heating temperature depending on the time of day is ideal. For example, that can be connected to an external sensor to see the temperature outside or if the sun is shining on the window to save energy. This, in addition to other advantages, removes you from having to control it, even without having to pick up your phone or give it voice commands through an assistant such as Amazon Alexa.


Greater comfort

Who has not come home from work and has had to wait for the house to warm up in winter or cool down in summer? With an intelligent air conditioner, you can know when you will come to each one so that it turns on, and you find your home at the right temperature. This is very convenient; it can save you a lot of time, as well as energy.


Energy saving

If we talk about energy saving, the good thing about the smart home is that it gives us the tools to use cooling more intelligently. A smart air conditioner can be connected to different tools to use them in favour of energy-saving. This, added to the consumption control, will make you know exactly how much your electricity bill you are dedicating to heating or cooling your home.


Better temperature distribution

Let’s be clear; we do not have the necessary knowledge to correctly configure the heating or cooling to get the most out of it. Ideally, an air conditioner would have sensors calculating the best position of the blades for a better distribution of the temperature. This speeds up cooling or heating times and also saves electricity.


Better maintenance

We all forget something usually done in air conditioners, which is to change the filters. Be careful, which is very important, since they accumulate bacteria and be a source of respiratory infections. What if the air conditioner told you when to change the filter or other maintenance? As you can see, it is something very advisable, and that would improve our health in the long run.


Better technical support

How many times have we been on the phone with technical support without knowing what to explain to you about the problem we have?


With intelligent air conditioning and the connections’ potential, you can send a notice and have the technical service check the air conditioning remotely. With this, both you and the technical assistance save time and money, that in the end, time is money and response time is reduced, which you appreciate.



As you have seen, having a smart AC has a whole lot of advantages. Obviously, you will not throw yours away to buy a new one, but, indeed, there are already tools to turn yours into a “smarter one.”




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