Why Should I Switch to Smart Thermostats

We all know the feeling of early spring or fall when we have to manually raise the temperature because it’s a little chilly in the morning, just to turn it back down again in the afternoon – but it suddenly becomes too hot. With the summer heat peaking right now, everyone is looking for creative and groundbreaking ways to stay cool without breaking the bank. What if there were a way to limit having to make constant changes to your indoor comfort level? Thanks to smart thermostats, you can both maintain a comfortable temperature and conserve energy!

With heating and cooling accounting for nearly half of your home’s energy costs, a smart thermostat offers both automation and better monitoring of your home’s temperature and climate, saving you a bundle on your energy bill. But a Smart Thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection allows for much more than just temperature control! There’s a whole lot of benefits to owning one – stunning features that can improve any home for years to come. Let’s check them out!

Save Energy, Save Money

The whole point of a smart thermostat is to cut down on your heating and cooling bills by encouraging you to adopt energy-saving settings. As its name suggests, the Smart Thermostat is the intelligent cousin of the Conventional Thermostat. Its ability to learn a homeowner’s schedule and adjust temperatures for maximum energy savings makes it a desirable upgrade.

Smart thermostats lower the temperature while you are away to save energy. When you arrive at a certain distance from your home, the Thermostat returns to the standard desired temperature to have the same temperature as when you left.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

It’s easy to worry about what’s going on at home while you’re away. With the extra features of your Smart Thermostat, you can control your home or second home with real-time climate information.

Remote Access

Another impressive advantage of upgrading to a Smart Thermostat is remote access. These devices have Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can control them via the web and mobile applications. This allows you to access the Thermostat from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, as long as you have an internet connection. 

Whether you’re at home or on another continent, this feature allows you to monitor the HVAC unit and control your home’s heating and cooling needs. It’s both convenient and cost-effective. For example, if it’s too cold to get out of bed, you can simply use your phone to set the Thermostat. If you’re on vacation and need to raise the temperature to keep your pipes from freezing, a Smart Thermostat will allow you to do so.

Easy to Use

Companion apps make smart thermostats easy to install and program, unlike ordinary programmable thermostats that are not connected to smartphones. You can even have a predefined vacation mode so as not to disturb your standard settings. These applications provide a considerable satisfaction level thanks to statistics that are easy to determine and compare from month to month.

Stay Informed of Changes

Some smart thermostats even allow you to set pre-determined temperature limits, so you know what’s going on. When these limits are exceeded, an email alert is sent to you to let you know of the unexpected change. These thermostats will alert you even if they are disconnected from your wireless network.

Additional Features

Smart thermostats come with an extensive spectrum of features, depending on the brand that you use. Some of these features can help you save money. Other versions allow you to monitor energy usage so you can get a transparent look at your home’s energy consumption and make adjustments. Other features include maintenance reminders and alerts when for when it’s time to change the filter.

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