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What Are the Most Common Gas Boiler Problems?

A boiler can have problems with visible consequences (leaks, noise, smoke, etc.). The nature of these external signs can give you an idea of the origin of the dysfunction. However, with the complications involved, it is advised to ask for a specialist’s intervention to help solve your gas boiler problems. Here are some of the most common gas boiler problems.

1) Gas Boiler Doesn’t Start

This is one of the most recurrent issues with gas boilers. If your gas boiler has a problem starting, the origin of the issue can be multiple. It can be an electrical concern which requires the intervention of a plumber. The potential causes may also be broader. For instance, it can include an obstruction in the air supply, combustion complications, overheating of the boiler, etc.

2) Increase or Decrease in Boiler Pressure

Your boiler may encounter an abnormal increase in pressure. If this is the case, water may constantly be entering the system and cause damage. However, if the pressure decreases, it is recommended to call a professional because it can be:

  • A leak on the circuit or the radiator
  • Degradation of one of the tank valves
  • Deflation of the expansion tank
  • Pump failure

3) Gas Boiler Starts but Doesn’t Produce Heat

When a boiler starts correctly but does not produce hot water or heating, it is often because the part which estimates the temperature of the water contained in the appliance is off. Do not forget to check the correct positioning of your winter/summer switch as well as the various programming of the boiler can also hinder its operation.

4) A Noisy Boiler

Noise from boilers can have different origins. It can be a pressure problem that blocks the pipes and hinders the flow of water, poorly adjusted combustion, heating problems, or other malfunctions.

5) Gas Boiler Suddenly Stops Working

Your boiler stops suddenly and restarts before stopping again? These untimely and totally random stops often reveal a fault in your device, which will eventually alter its functioning, sometimes causing it to stop. Gas burners and sensors are the elements most regularly affected by the accumulation of dust. Sometimes merely reversing the position of the burners is enough to solve the problem with your gas boiler. But it can also be due to dirty electronic compounds. In all cases, it is best to entrust this type of repair to a specialist.

6) Smoke

Do you see smoke coming out of your boiler? There are two types of smoke caused by two different problems, that is black smoke or white smoke. The possible malfunctions that can result from these two types of smoke are:
The presence of white smoke may indicate the fuel that has evaporated but has not burned. This can have various causes:

  • Fuel and air do not mix properly.
  • The boiler may have a water leak, which reduces the flame’s temperature: the fuel has thus evaporated but does not burn.
  • Excess air reduces the flame temperature and slows combustion, just like in the case of a water leak.

The presence of black smoke can signal a malfunction of the boiler. Most of the time, this issue comes from the burner, which can be poorly adjusted, positioned, obstructed, or even defective. It can also result from a problem with the sprinkler.

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