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How Efficient Is a Gas Fireplace?

You cannot or do not want to install a wood or pellet stove, but you would still love to benefit from the comfort and warmth provided by a fireplace? A gas fireplace can be ideal for you. Let’s discover some of the strong points of installing a gas fireplace for your interior space!

1) Temperature Control

Installing a gas stove fireplace allows you to regulate the temperature by using a remote control or via the appliance’s dedicated application. For instance, you can program the heating hours, the degree and height of the flame.

2) Customization

A gas fireplace can be customized and adapts to various interior décor due to its availability in different styles and materials. You can choose a gas fireplace according to the size and design of the space to be heated. Even better, the hearth, that is the floor part of the fireplace can also be personalized based on your preferences. You can have accessories like faux wood logs, pebbles, pine cones, etc. to enhance it and have it look like a classic fireplace.

3) Easy Maintenance

Unlike wood fireplaces, gas ones produce neither soot nor ash, which are potential health threats since they may cause respiratory problems. However, this doesn’t mean that a gas fireplace does not require any servicing. Instead, it is highly advised to have your gas fireplace checked and maintained at least once a year by an approved professional to avoid any issues in the long run.

4) Ecological

A gas fireplace is an equally attractive alternative to a wood fireplace due to its ecological factors. Compared to wood fireplaces, gas ones generate very few toxic substances in the atmosphere. For instance, there are no fine particles and much less CO2 (carbon dioxide) released. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any messiness, the cumbersome weight of woods and dangers involved with wood fireplaces if left unattended. Hence, it helps preserve nature, maintain the balance of the ecosystem and, at the same time, reduces the risks of health deterioration

5) No Foul Odours

Some types of fireplaces release a bad odour generally or when not properly maintained. This dreadful smell diffuses quickly in the environment and can cause health problems like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. A gas fireplace does not release any bad smell and requires less maintenance than other systems.

6) Trouble-free Installation

Gas fireplaces are easily installed even if your home does not have a chimney flue. However, it is better to seek professional help to ensure proper installation and avoid unnecessary problems.

7) Less Energy Consumption

Heating systems are one of the major sources of energy costs in homes. With a gas fireplace, you can make significant savings in terms of energy consumption. For instance, you can benefit from a decrease of more than 25 % on your energy bill. Additionally, gas fireplaces are flexible and can fit into individual houses, commercial premises and agricultural buildings as well.

8) Security

Safety is guaranteed with a gas fireplace. Installing one decreases the risks of fire and accident compared to other forms of heating, making it more secure. Hence, this also makes it a great choice if you have children and pets.

If you want consistent indoor warmth, the team at Elmridge Air Comfort can effectively handle the installation and servicing of your HVAC systems, including gas fireplaces. They have the technical and material means required to install your gas fireplace carefully. You can rest assured you’ll benefit from quality work, which complies with all the rules and regulations regarding the installation of HVAC appliances. Contact the experts at Elmridge Air Comfort for more information.

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