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Best Air Conditioning Brands Of 2022 (Part 2)

Currently, I guess the number one brand by market share is Carrier and we’ve talked about this brand in the first article. However, today we’ll have a look at the brand which is ranked number 2 in the air conditioning business.


ByrantAmong the top household names in the air conditioning business, don’t be surprised if you come across Bryant!

The history of this famous American heating and cooling company goes back to 1904 when the Natural Gas Regulator Company was founded in Clevehand, Ohio by Charles Bryant – the man who wanted to earn the trust of consumers by taking care of their indoor comfort needs rather than lusting for money and profits. With time, the company became known as Bryant Heater & Manufacturing and was then sold to Dresser Industries during the 1930s. After a long chain of mergers and purchases, the company’s then-parent organization, Affiliated Gas Equipment, partnered with Carrier during the 1950s. Operating under Carrier Global Corporation, Bryant is now known as the brand with over 100 years of experience.

Across the board, experts often express their desire to see Bryant as not only one of the best brands, but as the number one. Since it was established in 1904, the company has been working very hard to create innovative and reliable products and satisfying customers. They are known for striving to go above and beyond to deliver customized home comfort solutions to all its customers. I guess, for them, it’s not just about heating and cooling, but more about providing high-quality products and services that customers can rely on.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • According to the rating of USNEWS, Bryant is ranked at No. 2.


  • Energy Efficiency: Usually, SEER is a kind of measure to determine how efficient an air conditioning unit is and the higher the score, the more efficient it is. It is no big surprise that most Bryant air conditioners have scored higher more than 13, which means that they are very efficient compared to the other ACs on the market.
  • Its commitment to environment-friendly practices: The environmentally sound Puron Refrigerant is known for causing less damage to the ozone layer as compared to any other average refrigerant.
  • Good performance: The average rating for air conditioning performance is between 12-15 and the Legacy Single Stage Operation Brand Central AC of Bryant has received a rating of 16.
  • Durability: From furnaces to air conditioners, all the products of Bryant are known for their durability.
  • The additional heating option: Did you know that many of Bryant’s ACs can also act as heaters during the freezing winter season?
  • The company is also favored because of its incredible after-sales service.
  • If you have any queries or questions, you’ll find that they are very quick at responding.
  • They’ve got special financing options available for customers.
  • Bryant’s air conditioners are always exceptionally quiet systems.


  • If there’s one critic about the company is that it needs to offer a longer warranty.
Customer Reviews:

“When my Bryant AC failed I contacted Bryant customer service to report my problem since unit had a lifetime warranty. They had me contact a local dealer and they offered me a brand new equivalent featured model at no cost other than installation. I am very pleased with both the quiet operation as well has the high efficiency of my air conditioning unit. The company has earned my respect and made me a lifelong customer.” – From Charles. M

“When I first bough Bryant AC, the compressor had to be replaced and then the fan motor inside stopped and there was a leak. I’ve never had so much problems in my life. This is my recommendation to all: think twice before buying a Bryant ac.” – From Kim Mui

“The five-year old AC went bad and the dealer came twice and yet the matter was not fixed. He had the guts to even hang up on me.” – From Anonymous

“They sell really good things. I’m really happy and satisfied with both the AC and their service.” – From Sam. J