When Should I Call a Professional Electrician?

When Should I Call a Professional Electrician?

A routine electrical inspection followed by prompt electrical repairs is the best preventative measure homeowners should undertake to avoid an electrical fire from occurring. If you are encountering the slightest electrical issue, it is always wise to have a professional electrician inspect your circuit breaker, electrical panel wiring, and outlets. Below are a few solid reasons why you need a professional electrician to handle your electrical issues or installation.

The circuits are overloaded

Electricity travels from the main supply line to each circuit in your home through the circuit breaker panels. These circuits power your lights, domestic appliances, and other household electronic equipment.

These circuit breakers also control a number of electrical currents to ensure that you are not overloading the circuits. Undetected damage to the circuit breakers can ultimately cause a fire. If you have a circuit breaker panel or a fuse box which is showing signs of wear and tear, call a qualified electrician. He can run a check on your fault breaker to find out why your electrical system is tripping.

The electrical outlet needs to be installed or repaired

When Should I Call a Professional Electrician?

The most typical problems are the electrical outlets and electrical switches. However, resetting the breakers on the electrical panel could be all that’s required at an instant. Once that’s done and the outlets don’t work, you could be having an even bigger issue particularly if it’s an outlet with a 220-volt capacity. There are different things that can be going on here – the whole unit has to be replaced or the contacts have become loose. At this point, you need to call a professional. He will find out if you are using the proper wire or if it has worn out because of a faulty installation method.

Electrical panel replacement and installation

Until recently, a 100 amp panel was thought to be enough to power a house. However, currently, we’ve got additional electrical devices that require power. Now, homes have additional lighting, newer appliances, gadgets, and electric cars. Consequently, at some point, you’ll also need a 200 amp electrical panel upgrade. Maintaining your electrical panel is as necessary as doing the correct installation. Therefore, periodic inspection by a qualified electrician needs to be carried out to determine the required maintenance.

When to consider an electrical panel upgrade?

When Should I Call a Professional Electrician?

When renovating or building an extension, you need to check that your panel will accommodate the new home’s electrical wirings and heavy electrical equipment. Normally, below the meter box is a grey box, and within it lays the electrical panels. The electrical panel box encompasses a row of switches, which distributes power to smaller lines. The switch’s label indicates the circuit it powers. It additionally provides info on the circuit’s maximum amp capacity. There are signs that your house needs an electrical panel upgrade when you notice that there are rusts and erosion on the switches, your house is more than 30 years old and receives 60-amp electrical service. You can hear crackling sounds emanating from the breaker box whilst appliances are running slower and not on full power. Moreover, when you regularly use extension cords and your home has older two-pronged outlets which are not strong enough to support big appliances, you will need to get the three-pronged outlets installed by an expert. Eccles Electrical Contractors help get rid of your old electrical system with their upgrading works.

The electrician will tell you how to avoid your home apparatus being blown up

When Should I Call a Professional Electrician?

Very often people use power strips/extension cords in order to connect the additional equipment or when they need to move an appliance from one place to a distant electrical outlet. An expensive home theatre may blow up (this is usually not covered under warranty!) because of a wrongly chosen surge protector which was unable to support the high voltage from your large flat screen, HiFi stereo, blue-ray, PlayStation, dehumidifier, amongst others. An electrician will advise you on the capacity of the surge protector that is needed for the amount of equipment plugged in. The electrician will recommend where you can use a cheap and simple power strip or an expensive and solid one, which integrates surge protection in order to protect your electronic devices from power spikes that are caused by power outages, tripped circuit breakers, short circuits or lightning.

A licensed electrician ensures your safety

If you’re projecting to install a pool, or hot tub, or looking to upgrade your home with major electric appliances, you can call Eccles Electrical Contractors to perform the high voltage electrical wiring. Things like your electric pool pumps, pool lights, and electrical boxes, all require a licensed electrician with high voltage electrical know-how. It is essential to determine the proper placement of circuit breaker panels, the electrical outlets and electrical switches, the electrical panel and the use of power cords. Only professionals will help you determine your electrical needs and safety requirements.