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Common Myths about Heaters

If you are a city dweller like me and live in New York, then having heaters and AC systems are must-haves because it gets really cold here, and the heat is like you’re in one of the seven circles of hell. Having said this, I will never trade my life in New York for anything else. Yes, life is hectic here and it’s always noise and there are always people around you, but that’s what makes the beauty of this city.

It is not the city of angels and at this point, it might be the city of rats, but lady liberty is always here for us and if you live here, you know how harsh the weather gets during the winter. So, most of us have a heater or heating device in our home for said dreadful winters, but we ought to know a bit more about them as there are a lot of myths about them on the internet. Come with me as I debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding heaters.

#Myth 1- Cracking the thermostat up will heat a room faster


I don’t know where this myth started, but the same is said about AC and my friends am sorry to disappoint yall, but this is completely untrue and will consume more energy and will make your energy bill blow up. I mean, the logic is there, kind of; if you turn it up to the max, it has to heat it up faster, right? Well, no, this is a myth; your heater has a specific capacity of heat that it can pump out, and no matter how high you crank it up, it doesn’t mean that it will cool the room faster. What’s you’ll ultimately end up doing is overheating the room and wasting both money and energy. The icing on the cake is that it isn’t good for the environment either.

#Myth 2- Using a fireplace is cheaper than a heater


Well, this all depends and isn’t necessarily a myth. You might cut down the energy cost while using the fireplace, but you need to ask yourself about the cost of firewood. Unless you have a steady supply of firewood, the latter’s cost will pile up and might cost even more than running an actual heater. Using an actual fireplace is also less eco-friendly and, for me, is something that you should rarely use or not use at all. Consider an energy-saving heater and set it to a temperature that is energy-friendly and won’t explode your energy bill.

#Myth 3- Ceiling fans should only be used during summer


Most people have this idea stuck in their heads that fans should only be used during summer; this is because most people believe that fans cool down the room when they just move air around the room in all actualities. This means if the air in the room is hot, the fan will allow better circulation of the hot air and will not be counteractive when used alongside the heater. According to studies conducted on ceiling fans, it has been proved that they can reproduce energy bills year-round when used efficiently.

#Myth 4- keeping the heater on all day saves you money


I don’t know who came up with this idea, but it sounds faulty; how can leaving the heater on all day make cost less, logically? If something is one all day, it will cost more because it needs more energy to stay on. But, logical discrepancies aside, this is completely untrue. Rather you should put it on when the room is cold and shut it off in a couple of hours because the heat will stay in the room if all doors and windows are closed for at least a couple of hours. Leaving the heater on all day will cost you an arm and a leg in terms of energy bill and is a big no-no.

Remember, you can’t trust anything you see or read on the internet because they don’t have to be accurate. Most of the time, you are attracted by a title and just gloss over the article, and this is how people clickbait you and erroneous information gets passed around. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us some of the myths you believed as an adult.