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Top 10 Misconceptions About Underfloor Heating

Despite being a sustainable and economical heating system, many people are reluctant to install underfloor heating due to some misconceptions. So, today we will help to debunk some myths about underfloor heating.

#1. Underfloor Heating Is Expensive to Use

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Did you know that there are many radiator companies that claim that underfloor heating tends to have high running costs?

Although it is indeed 30 % more expensive to install underfloor heating compared to traditional radiators, underfloor heating is a type of investment that pays off in the long run. Besides, instead of listening to the internet riff-raff, do your research and you will find out that it is a very energy-efficient heating system and requires less maintenance. For example, underfloor heating can be installed with smart heating controls that ensure that energy is only used in the rooms in use. As a result, you will find your energy bills and overall system costs much lower than with traditional radiators.

And let me add that the term expensive can sometimes be relative, circumstantial and also subjective. As per some consumer psychologists, what is costly to one might be affordable to another.

#2. A House With Underfloor Heating Never Gets Warm

Underfloor heating cannot produce that much heat as a conventional radiator, but, it can generate sufficient heat to create a warm and comfortable environment. The heating system can evenly distribute heat over an entire floor surface so as the room temperature reaches up to 25°C.

#3. Underfloor Heating Is Only Compatible With New Homes

Installing underfloor heating in existing homes is not an issue. For instance, if you hire North East Hydronic Radiant, the installation process will be quick and easy as they have the necessary knowledge and experience for such projects.

#4. Underfloor Heating Is Only Installed on the Floor

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You might be surprised but underfloor heating can also be installed beyond the floors. For example, one way to heat rooms faster is by installing it in the walls or ceilings. In addition, as it does not take up extra space, it can be perfectly incorporated into any contemporary interior.

#5. Underfloor Heating Makes Your Feet Swell

During the former days of underfloor heating, the room temperature used to increase to more than 35°C and in that situation, your feet could swell up. However, today the technology is so advanced that these situations cannot occur anymore, especially if your house is well insulated.

#6. Underfloor Heating Is Unhealthy

People who claim that underfloor heating is an unhealthy heating system don’t know that it can prevent the circulation of dust particles that can usually cause allergies or sickness. Therefore, with underfloor heating, homeowners benefit from the better humidity and a healthier atmosphere free from mites and mold.

#7. Underfloor Heating Can Crack and Distort Wooden Floors

Again not true at all! Many people have successfully installed underfloor heating with wooden floors in their homes and these floors are usually engineered and hence are very thermally stable.

#8. Underfloor Heating Takes Longer to Heat up a House and Hence Temperature Does Not Stay Consistent

Electric floor heating works as quickly as radiators to heat up. But, when it comes to hydraulic systems, they tend to react a bit more slowly. However, it doesn’t mean that you will have to suffer through cold temperatures. For instance, North East Hydronic Radiant can set up a system to best suit your lifestyle and keep your interior at a warm and comfortable temperature.

#9. Underfloor Heating Is Only Useful For the Winter Seasons

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Not really! Underfloor heating is also ideal in summer because it works at low temperatures. Besides, if your house is equipped with a heat pump, you can use underfloor heating for cooling.

#10. Underfloor Heating Does Not Work With Carpet Flooring

Contrary to popular belief, there are thousands and thousands of homeowners who are having carpeted rooms heated just fine. For instance, if you take some factors into account, you can easily have underfloor heating in carpeted areas.

So, if you want the reap the benefits of underfloor heating, you can contact North East Hydronic Radiant.


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