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Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bills – Part 2

The winter season not only brings snow but also an increase in heating bills. However, as a homeowner, and a frugal one at that, I have been able come up with some ways to reduce the cost of my heating bills, which I will be sharing today.

Purchase Curtains and Shades

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Guys, I am giving you this tip because it is noted that about 30% of heating loss in a home happens through the windows. However, if you really want to know, this suggestion is more because of how some of my dollars flew right out of the window. My hard-earned dollars! Can you imagine that?

Anyway, now back to the topic. It is essential that you use thick curtains and shades to help you keep the cold air at bay. Moreover, one of my friends recommended thermal curtains to me. Thermal curtains consist of an extra layer of insulation that can prevent heat from escaping and as a result, the multiple layers of fabric with thick padding ensure a more energy-efficient home.

Changing Your Hvac Filters

Let’s face it, with work, children and home, you probably do not have the time to worry about your filters. And now, there is the Covid -19, as if we didn’t have enough things to worry about. However, let me tell you that a filter plays a crucial role in an HVAC system and ensures good air quality in your home.

But why do you think it’s essential? That’s because pollutants, mould, debris and dirt can be trapped within the whole system, which can cause significant damage to the filter and shorten its lifespan. However, by regularly checking and changing the filters, one can prevent such conditions and ensure an HVAC system’s longevity.

Decorate the House

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No, I don’t have a screw loose, I am indeed talking about the decoration of a house in reducing heating bills.

However, when I was talking about home decoration, I meant warm accessories. The following will help you to understand more what I am trying to say if you have still not considered me as crazy and clicked away from this article.

  • You can put flannel sheets on your bed
  • Covering your floors with cozy rugs is one of the best ways to add warmth to any space
  • Buy insulated curtains for your windows
  • Place warm blankets on your sofa
  • Needless to say, candles can make a room feel warmer. Plus, it can also give you an excuse to have romantic candlelight dinners.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier is a device that can increase humidity or moisture in a room, and it is seen that it can help to keep you warm without raising your heating bills. But the question is, how?

Obviously, in summer, we try to get the humidity out of our house, but in winter, we will want to do the complete opposite by putting the moisture in our atmosphere. For instance, according to Anne Marie Corbalis, the spokesperson of Consolidated Edison, one of the largest energy companies in the United States, “moist air feels warmer than dry air, so running a humidifier when the heat is on can reduce your pesky heating bill.”


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Once again, my dear friends, I have not gone bananas. Instead, I will introduce you to another easy technique that you can employ to reduce your heating bills.

Cooking and baking on a cold day does not only warm up your heart and stomach but can also warm up your house. The heat from the stove or oven will be enough and when you are finished baking, switch off the oven and leave the door open to let out that nice cozy heat.

So, for all those who think they’re the next Gordon Ramsay, it’s time to put your skills to test.


Do you think these factors will be enough to lower the cost of heating bill? Please share your comments!