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Refrigerated Semi-Trailer: How to Choose the Best One?

Today there are millions of refrigerated trailers on the world’s roads; And with the food industry continuing to grow, there is still room for more on asphalt roads. That translates into a wide variety of options when choosing to work with, making even new refrigerated trailers affordable for shippers in interesting conditions. But that competition has had the exact impact on used refrigerated trailers as on new ones. If you’re contemplating buying a refrigerated trailer, it’s definitely worth considering buying a refrigerator semi-trailer truck. Let’s see here an overview of why we should seriously think about the option of a used refrigerated semi-trailer.

What to Consider When Buying A Refrigerated Semi-Trailer?

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When choosing a reefer trailer, the choice depends a lot on the type of task we need it to perform. The decision may be to choose a suitable trailer and install the selected refrigerated unit based on each business’s needs. These days it is an established trend for companies to buy a rarely used refrigerated trailer with a new refrigerated unit installed. These refurbished reefers are popular because they offer a new refrigerated unit’s benefits without the high price tag.

When buying a dry van trailer, you look for good mechanics and think about the trailer’s quality of structural integrity: it is about the doors, the cross members, their resistance to rust, etc. Those factors still apply to a refrigerated trailer, but there are many other important factors to consider. A refrigerated unit operates in a highly specialized industry. A good starting point is to decide whether to buy a new refrigerated trailer or buy a used one. That’s one of the difficulties many buyers face. The good thing about buying a used one is mainly the cost that is significantly reduced. Of course, a new refrigerator’s price cannot be expected to be the same as that of a used unit.

Used or New Refrigerated Semi-Trailer?

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Aside from the cost, used reefer containers are readily available as long as you find trusted companies that can condition the vehicle and leave it in perfect condition and even offer guarantees. Above any other consideration, this is the most important because buying used is always a matter that requires trust and securities. Indeed, there are benefits to purchasing a new, unused, and unowned version of most high-value items. They will be in optimal condition; they will remain longer under the manufacturer’s warranty. And, in many cases, they will have more current features and better curb appeal. But it can be a major expense that may not be worth those benefits, especially with so many high-quality used refrigerated trailers available. The only difference you can be between a new reefer and a used one is the starting price.

We probably already know that there are differences between the trucks used to transport and deliver food products. But many still equate refrigerated trailers with dry vans and other types of delivery trucks. For convenience, durability, and functionality, refrigerated trailers and these trucks are about the same. The difference is that refrigerated trailers are built to transport perishable food and other goods at a specific temperature. That makes the reliability of this element crucial when choosing a used refrigerated semi-trailer. This is also why used refrigerated trailers tend to circulate in better general conditions than dry vans, since inefficiencies, regardless of the trailer’s refrigeration components, discard it for placing on the second-hand market.

Hours Recorded Vs. Manufacturing Date

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It is common for newer refrigerated trailers to have logged more hours of operation than a similar one only a few years older or more. Astute buyers will pick up on this. Refrigerated trailers average about 3,500 hours a year, so it’s easy to tell if you’ve found a used reefer vehicle that has been used with care, regardless of its age. With diligent research, a used refrigerator can be chosen that is a worthwhile investment now and substantial investment in the future.

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