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Heating Panels: The Ultimate Solutions to Decorate Your Winter

Finding heating appliances that fit our home and fight cold can be a complicated task since we have many options available, like the traditional heater, air conditioning, or heating panels, a more economical, aesthetic, and recommended option. If you like to take care of every detail of your home and love that everything has the same meaning and direction, heating panels are undoubtedly your star heating device. Appeared just a few years ago, they are a very interesting alternative to heat our house. What we like the most is the design. With their minimalist design, these electrical appliances bring simplicity and naturalness to our homes. Apart from their exciting models, their excellent features are equipped to provide everything we need to heat our favorite room when the cold strikes, effectively and efficiently. We’ll explain how to choose these fascinating electrical appliances and their main characteristics in today’s article.


But, What Is a Heating Panel?

Before diving any further, let’s start with the beginning! If you still don’t know what a heating panel is, we will tell you that it is an electric heating device that will help us heat our rooms while maintaining a neat aesthetic in our home. These panels usually transfer heat by convection and radiation to combine the way they operate to provide quality heat efficiently to our entire room. The heating panels are also very comfortable to heat rooms of different surfaces because depending on the power they contain, they will have more or less heating capacity. If you buy it with IP24 anti-splash protection, you can place it in the bathroom or in more humid rooms than usual, which makes it a very versatile heater.


How Long Does It Take to Heat up a Heating Panel?

The heating panels tend to heat up quite quickly, getting to feel the room’s heat just 5 minutes after switching on. 


Types of Heating Panels

Electric radiant panel - ICONIC - HEAT4ALL - ceiling-mounted

What’s amazing about heating panels is their availability in all shapes, colors, and sizes, even with images that simulate a painting or photograph of your favorite place, an ideal option if you are looking to add some peps to your room. Among its many options, the most common first selection when purchasing a panel is to know where we want to place it. The heating panels can include legs, wall anchors, or be equipped with both options. 

Therefore, it will be important to make this first decision to determine the purchase of one or the other product. If you don’t have space on your wall or you want to change it from room to room as you move, a panel with legs will be your best option. If, on the contrary, you have this space and you prefer it fixed in a room, you can anchor it to the wall so that it integrates as part of the decoration and does not disturb the space. In our opinion, purchasing a heater with both options is the perfect option, as we like changes and tend to change our minds over time. Also, in this way, you can make use of it in different rooms and places.


The Perks of Using Glass Panels

Radiant Heating and Cooling Panels |

The heating panel has multiple advantages, which make your purchase the best option to keep us warm this winter:

  • Efficiency: Thanks to its varied characteristics, this heater will allow you to meet your needs adequately.

  • Security: Equipped with security systems, it is very safe, even more so when installed on the wall and does not obstruct the passage.

  • Versatility: On the floor or wall and with different styles, it will allow you to enjoy a painting while warming up the room.

  • Simple Operation: The panels are easy-breezy to handle as they are usually equipped with a display, which facilitates their use.

  • Savings: Electric heating usually stands out for its high energy consumption, but with heating panels, you will reduce the consumption of your home.

  • Control: They’re usually equipped with a remote control or even Wi-Fi, which is very beneficial as you can change the temperature when you’re chilling on the sofa or even from your yard!


How to Clean Heating Panels?

Another advantage is the convenience of cleaning it, as this product does not require great maintenance. To clean it, you simply have to take into account the following:

  • Unplug the radiator first and wait until it cools completely.

  • Use only a soft, damp cloth and dry afterward.

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners.

  • Store it in a cool, dry place.

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